Candid Sunset

110412 sunset.

110412 sunset.

I remember taking this photo on November 4, 2012. I was on my way home, already driving within the neighborhood, when I saw this magnificent painting in the skies. It was just so breathtaking. It felt so close, almost as if I could reach it with my fingers. The street was really empty and quiet, so I stopped the car, set the hazard light and got off to capture the view. I didn’t have any camera at hand, all I got was my then-phone, Samsung Galaxy Y, which we all know didn’t have an impressive MP at all. It was better though than missing the picturesque sight. It was only after I took the photo that I realized that the moon was actually playing a cameo here, ready to take over the night… Or could that be Venus? I’d love to know exactly. ♥

*Taken at Seaview Heights, Talisay City, Cebu with Samsung Galaxy Y. No edits.

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