Shabby Weekend Getaways

The past few years have seen me spending weekends hibernating in my room. You see, the carefree girls I used to spend time with started flying off to other countries, settling down, and having babies over the last three years. This means more cutie kiddie parties and less senseless evenings at the bar, betting on how soon our dear friend KK would melt into tears after a few shots.

While these are moments I often find myself longing for every now and then, the transition in my best friends’ lives helped me reconnect with the home buddy that I was almost always been. So with a few good reads and a bunch of movies lined up, I willingly submit to the call of laziness inside my very own girl’s man cave whenever I can.

My humble abode tells so much about me.

Organized chaos: My humble abode speaks so much about my personality.

To get me feeling more cozy, I put together

pieces that are sure to please me visually—whichever corner I look. Books recommended by friends, travel knick knacks, over two-decade-old stuffed toys,
washi tapes,  notebooks and pens I never use, Polaroid photos, they all harmoniously come together to put a tangible illustration of my personality. 

2014-03-02 23.30.01

2014-03-02 23.30.20

2014-03-05 22.59.28

 2014-03-02 23.29.39

I’m fond of redecorating, and in the span of one year, I’ve had a room makeover thrice. This usually happens when I’m dead bored or when I find something interesting to copy from Pinterest. Mostly, it’s when I feel the urge to be more organized than I already am.

2014-03-05 23.00.25 2014-03-05 23.02.39

2014-03-05 23.03.08 2014-03-02 23.36.25

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Monica Geller OC/organized. I don’t mind my bed being a bit messy and I’m totally fine with leaving my closet open (as long as it’s not longer than five minutes), I just like most of my stuff to be palette safe, color-coded, never misplaced, and fluidly arranged; meaning, a hair brush should always be by the mirror and a necklace should always be next to the bracelets. Life is so much easier that way.

I have always wanted a day bed!

I have always wanted a day bed!

Most of the items I have in my room are recycled and upcycled, clumsily painted with my shaky inexperienced hands, and earnestly attempting to look shabby chic and pretty.

2014-03-02 23.36.09 2014-03-05 23.01.59

2014-03-02 23.29.18 2014-03-02 23.30.42

These photos were taken during different periods and they’re mostly night shots since I’m seldom at home during the day as I’m living with a friend to be closer to work on weekdays.

2014-03-05 23.02.17

2014-03-02 23.31.12

2014-03-02 23.35.06

With a full-time job and a few freelance works at the side, it’s always a delight to get away on weekends, drive through the outskirts and  feel the sea breeze. But since this isn’t always realistic, long hours spent in my quiet chamber is always a delight. I got a good view from my bed anyway.

For a beach bum like myself, sunset isn't so bad in my sanctuary.

For a beach bum like myself, sunset isn’t so bad in my sanctuary.

* Special thanks to the following: my mom for my purple bedside lamp shade, my brother and the boyf for putting up the cabinet like pros, my eldest sis for Sir James John the white teddy, and my sister over at kaeratana for countless of items in my room. And to my friend Mary, who encouraged me to finish this post! ♥

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