Behind “19 Things They Probably Don’t Know About You”

Have you ever been so bored that you start contemplating on your life purpose? I do. A lot of times, in fact. However, instead of pondering on what legacy I might want to leave behind, I often end up coming up with silly ideas to entertain me for the time being.

Last weekend, in one of my solitary moments, I texted my special ally to challenge him to a game of familiarity. We have been going out for almost three years now and a huge part of our relationship is gambling. Yes, gambling. From beating each other’s score in Fruit Ninja to guessing which characters would die in 47 Ronin, there have been a lot of betting going on between us two, where the prizes at stake are as painful as kicking one’s shin to as I-shouldn’t-have-wager-on-that items like an iPod.

Our latest game (a.ka. an excuse to bet), 19 Things They Probably Don’t Know About You, aims to test how much we know each other. The losing party would have to take the winning party to any restaurant of the latter’s choosing. Don’t get me wrong, we do go out on dates more often than an average middle class young professionals must (because food!), we just always want to add twists to our routines. It’s a great way to, uhm, keep the excitement going and to avoid mundane activities, which, by the way, are proven to be one of the major causes of failed relationships (don’t even get me started on my girl friends who continuously whine about their inappropriately “chill” boyfriends).

The mechanics of the game are pretty simple:

1. Everyday for nineteen days we are to post on each other’s Facebook walls a fact about the other which we believe only very few people know about.

* The original plan was 30 days, but I decided to make it just 19 since 30 is a bit too many that we’ll probably ran out of facts and we’ll probably be tastelessly opening our lives—from childhood to adulthood—to our social media circle. And also because of another important reason he hasn’t quite figured out yet. Clue: his birthday.

2. If at least three people claim and are able to prove (based on anecdotes or closeness reference) that they already know about that stated fact, then the one who posted the fact loses that round.

3. Every three lost rounds means treating the other person to a sumptuous dinner.

* As of today, I’m currently leading the game (I always win, I do, really) so I’m trying to negotiate if I can convert the free dinner to a new pair of shoes instead. It’ll surely be more pricey but it will at least support my going to the gym and staying fit.

Day 1 Revelations

Q Day1

DM Day1

Day 2 Revelations

Q Day 2

DM Day 2

We’re just about to embark on our third day today but I feel like we have already divulged enough to make people think we’re in a dysfunctional relationship where one tolerates the senselessness of the other.

Love is a free sailing ride.

Love is a free sailing ride.


But oh well. ♥

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