Childhood Dream: Homemade Chocolate Brownies

One of my favorite treats as a kid were chocolate brownies. For some reason, I found it to be so rare, at least in my world. I then grew up realizing that my mother never had a sweet tooth so it was so much easier for her to keep us away from the kinds that would ruin our teeth and would result to us being overweight (plus, diabetes has always been in the family).

So when I started baking, all I looked forward to was the day I get to bake my very own brownies. The moment a certain brownie recipe was introduced in class, I remember feeling so fulfilled I could just skip the next classes.

You could just imagine how, after learning to do it, I’ve baked so many batches of chocolate brownies for the next couple of months that our home smelled like a ginger house, only it was rich cocoa. Each time, I tried playing with the toppings and explored the sweetness level and taste. I recently experimented on adding coffee and it was such a delight!

Unfortunately, I don’t normally bake and Instagram, so I’ve very limited photos of my homemade goodies. But here’s a one that features the set I made for a friend’s intimate house warming party. I ran out of small marshmallows and I’m terrible at slicing, so there! ♥



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