Washi Tape Project 2: Polka Switch

My fetish for transforming everything into something pretty for my eyes continues to manifest in this super mini project. It was a rather dull afternoon of staring at the wall and thinking of doing something, anything.

I ended up decorating my light switch while finding another excuse to utilize my washi tape collection. This time, I paired an old roll with one of Cath Kidston’s 2014 washi tape patterns that I got in London (there aren’t any Cath Kidston outlets in Cebu).

- Grabbed image -

– Grabbed image –

10320413_10152126930693174_441409047955352888_n copy

The “project” took less than five minutes to finish and it took my sisters no less than a minute to point out how bored I must be as soon as I sent them a photo of the transformation. I was even told that, when things get worse on my weekends, there are still so many more switches to conquer at home. ♥

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