Ha Long Bay Hangover

The best gift I received on my birthday two years ago was an all-expense paid trip to Vietnam c/o my two beautiful sisters! It was our first (and by far, the only) international trip together, just us sisters and with no “adults.” It was extra special because all three of us live in different parts of Asia. I’m in Cebu, one is Manila-based, and the eldest has been working in Hanoi for several years, she was therefore our official tour guide during that 4-day trip.

I’ve a good number of fond memories in the Land of Lakes, but one of my favorites was the day trip we had in Ha Long Bay. It’s technically not located in Hanoi, but it’s definitely a must-visit when in Hanoi or anywhere in Vietnam. Translated as Descending Dragon, the bay tells an interesting legend of how a dragon once protected Vietnam. Displaying a panoramic view of nearly 2,000 islets-most of which are limestone-and home to an incredible floating village and to several mystifying caves-the largest of which is the Sung Sot Cave-Ha Long Bay has rightfully earned a spot in New 7 Wonders of Nature.

DSC08506 copy

Ha Long Bay at midday.


One of the bay’s floating fishing villages at dusk.

Read more about my Hanoi adventure in the article I wrote for The Philippine Star ♥

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