My Bestfriend’s Wedding… Giveaways!

Wedding bells have been gleefully ringing these past months when one of my oldest, dearest friends announced that she’s getting married. Instantly, me and the girls were simply thrilled, helping her plan and visualize how her big day would look like. She wanted to go for simple, intimate, and DIYish feel and I couldn’t be more excited since my sister and I are getting ready to launch our new project: an online craft supply shop. My friend asked me to do the giveaways and I finally got to prepare samples a few weeks ago when my sister came home to bring the supplies and help keep the creative juices flowing.

20140628_140612 copy


20140628_140323 copy

After several visual samples, the bride-to -be decided to have it in a candy jar.  The Krafty Team came up with these three designs for her to choose from

The color motif is teal and to give an idea of how a teal content would look like inside the jar, I painted these pebbles with platinum blue nail polish. Close enough!

20140629_142633 copy

20140629_143300 copy

After a few modification, she finally decided to have these two designs. But not so fast! They are just samples (see the love quote and the taped label?) and we already came up with fresh ideas to improve them come final product.

20140629_145821 copy

20140629_165018 copy (1)

For lack of amusement, I crafted these vintage earring tags because my friend almost chose this concept over the cutie jars.

20140628_141204 copy (1)

And, just to give her an idea of how she might want her invites to complement the giveaways, I showed her this stamped envelope that I produced in less than five minutes!


Here’s to my bestfriend’s crazy, fickle journey towards a happy married life! ♥

* All materials can be purchased at


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