Save The Books!

I grew up in a home where books were everywhere. And I really mean everywhere, literally. In the family room, in the hallway, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and even in the bathroom, one could always find at least a single shelf filled with literary treasures. I thought this was normal until very recently my sister talked about it and I realized that ours was not always the case in every home. I looked back and thought of all the other houses that I visited. Indeed, they didn’t have as many tomes as we did.

Both my parents, a journalist and a literature major (that’s what I remember), love reading. They were able to pass it on to us. My very first collection was “Winnie the Pooh’s Big Adventure.” It was a 4-book series and it came with a handwritten note from my mom that said, “Dear B2t, to enhance your reading skills. Enjoy! Love, Tatay and Nanay.” I lost the note and the books but never forgot those words because I was so excited that I finally had something I could call my own (the other Disney books we had were for all of us kids, not just me, B2t). By the way, I knew I was a slow learner because all my other sibling were already reading those thick, boring encyclopedias while I was still very much drawn to princess tales.

Anyway, unfortunately, over the years, as we moved from one house to another, the collection gradually curtailed. Each time, my parents would select the ones they wanted to keep. The others that were not handpicked were left behind. It was over two years ago that we finally moved to our very own home but it was only until two weekends ago that my mom and I finally got the chance to sort out the books that were still in boxes. To our dismay (but not much of a surprise), most of the books were badly damaged. Except for about fifteen pieces, which included some of my grandpa’s books from the ’70s, my mom decided to get rid of all the rest.

I didn’t want to just get rid of them. It’s bad enough that technology has murdered them today. So I told her that I could try selling some at extremely low prices and the ones that wouldn’t be sold, I could donate. She agreed and even gave me tips on which ones are most likely to be salable. I instantly announced my book sale and the response from my bookworm friends was pretty awesome. I was so happy I even gave them freebies. I told my parents about how I was able to sell a good number of books and gave out some more. They were excited and I remember my dad saying it’s always good to pass on knowledge… or something along those lines.

Upon preparing the sold items, I didn’t miss the opportunity to be a little crafty. Just a little, with old Time magazines (yeah, we had to gave them up too) and my washitapes and cute notepads, of course!  ♥

20140727_113819 copy

20140727_140524 copy

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” ― Groucho Marx

20140727_140934 copy 20140727_161248 copy

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