Hey Mr. Stray


Our family has always been lovers of dogs. For some reason, no one ever considered the idea of having cats as pets. Nonetheless, we always welcome stray cats in to our yard by providing them three sets of meals daily. I especially like having a kitty around because it effectively chases Bens away. I’m so scared of Ratatouilles and Mickey Mouses that I don’t even want to utter their generic name, so I call them Ben, in reference to a Michael Jackson song.

This stray cat we call Mingming is quite a delight despite being a snob. I don’t know if it’s male or female but I just assumed it’s a he because he’s build a really good relationship with our Yellow Labrador, Chandler. He’d take naps in Chandler’s house, they’d walk around the yard side by side, and even share a common hatred towards another cat. The only time they hate each other is during meal time. Chandler’s only passion in this world is food so he’d always feel cheated whenever he sees us feeding the now chubby Mingming as well. ♥

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