Stamp on You

I don’t think I was ever interested with rubber stamping when it was first introduced to me as a little girl. It was messy and nothing good ever came out of it with my uncreative hands. But my artsy sister from Kaeratana reintroduced such method to me last Christmas and my interest further ignited when I spent three weeks taking care of my adorable niece. Whenever she got restless, I would just take out her stamping box and we’d often just stamp the afternoon away. It was still messy, yes, but I was actually enjoying it. And even today, rubber stamping has become one the things that keep me busy when the internet is down. And that’s a huge deal.


20140817_162417 copy

World travel was the common theme among the stamps that my sister gave me last Christmas.


My dear friend T said she just saw this and thought it would be cute for me and my baby!

Along the way, and thanks to my sister, I’ve even learned some techniques to make the process less messy. I’m probably a late bloomer on this, but here are my top three favorite:
1. Instead of pressing the stamp on the stamp pad, slowly dab the pad on the stamp. That way, you’ll only be tracing the actual shape without the stamp frame. It would look cleaner when it’s reflected on your canvas.
2. Right after you use your stamp, make sure to clean it with wet wipes so it won’t be left with ink stains.
3. So simple yet something I often forget: Avoid getting your ink dried out by always cover your stamp pad even in between your stamping.

20140628_145617 copy

Metallic stamp pads = love

20140628_150058 copy

20140628_145917 copy

Some rubber stampings I did for Project Life.

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