The Dainty, Stunning Town that is Cambridge

We took the evening train to head to Cambridge on that weekend and I couldn’t hide my excitement.

I first heard of the university town during my literature classes in high school. While Isaac Newton famously formulated his theory of gravitation while watching an apple fall from a tree in Cambridge, I always remembered how this English town often appeared in biographies of famous novelists and authors and how fictional characters were associated with it to establish an impressive scholastic background.

At one point in my life, I actually obsessed about someday studying in Cambridge University. It never happened. But I got to experience the next best thing the moment I stepped on the train to travel about 50 miles north of London. Walking on crisp green grass, watching the calm river flow, breathing in fresh winter air, and actually dealing with dried cinnamon-colored leaves on my boots and hair… I was in Cambridge! And it was everything I ever imagined and more.

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Thanks to my brother and my sister-in-law, who studies at a business school in Cambridge, for the awe-inspiring, wonderful trip I’ll always remember! ♥

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