Yoyi’s Pastries and Desserts: Fixing My Sugary Cravings

Lately, it’s been a constant battle between keeping my glucose level low and coping with my prenatal cravings. But thanks to a friend’s brave business venture, I found a quick fix of just enough doze of guiltless sweetness—everyday if I must.


With her cousins, Jane Celeste, introduced an over a decade family business from Ormoc here in Cebu with the opening of Yoyi’s Pastries and Desserts on October 15. Yoyi’s has been an established name in their hometown in Leyte, an island east of Cebu, for many years. So it was a rather risky undertaking when she decided to bring the distinct taste of home to her second home in 2013. But in just a little over a year and with the strong support of her family, she was able to transition from having an online store to a physical establishment where customers can hangout and enjoy affordable sweet treats that starts at just 5.00Php!



Photo credits: Yoyi’s Patries and Desserts

Location: Medalle Bldg., J. Llorente Street, Cebu City

Visit Yoyi’s Facebook page for more of their succulent delight ♥


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