DIY Baby Shower For It’s a… Boy Oh Boy!

I’ve never attended a baby shower in my entire life, but even then I knew it’s something I wanted to throw myself. I’m one who can never resist an opportunity to go down and dirty with the DIY preparations. The baby themed invitations, giveaways, dessert table – they just keep my adrenaline going.

It was only after doing a little research that I learned that there is actually an ongoing discussion about who should be throwing the shower. Traditionally, they say, it’s the expectant mom’s friends and family who should be hosting it. But as mommy forums would prove it, 8 out of 10 moms wished they had plan the event themselves. Okay, I just made the figures up but that’s basically the popular sentiment.


Luckily for me, I got to enjoy being part of the planning while having the necessary support, logistics and budget wise. I wanted it to be simple but with every detail well thought of. It was my dear friends

, Bianca, Tara, and Camille, who first proposed the idea of throwing a shower—within 24 hours of texting them about the good news. It wasn’t something I was thinking about at that moment. Heck, I was still preoccupied about how my life would take a 180-degree turn in about seven months. But almost instantly, I shrugged off all the internal drama as they eagerly discussed possible themes and how they could execute them! And executed they did!

In commemoration of the best trip I’ve ever had, we decided to have a London-themed party. And since I was stubborn about doing the shower as soon as possible (meaning, as soon as the first sign of the baby bump appears, 6th month in my case), it was crucial that we know the baby gender first. I warned the planning committee ahead that if it was a girl, we’d be doing high tea and if it’s a boy, then red buses, soldiers, and phone booths would fill the party. And guess how it turned out?

20140906_162638 copy

I took care of the simple items, relying on stamps, washi tapes, and printed cut-outs for the name tags, giveaways, labels, statement photo props, and cupcake tops.

20140904_222429 copy 20140901_101519 copy 20140831_214427 copy 20140901_105653 copy

I had to remind him everyday about his task, but the dad-to-be willingly did the invitation layout. I, of course, took care of the candid text.


The fairy godmothers took on the more taxing pieces. I was simply impressed!

DSCN3364 copy20140906_162753 copy20140907_101729 copy

Time to put everything together at the Boy-Oh-Boy event.

20140906_162504 copy DSCN3398 copy

Yoyi’s Pastries and Desserts didn’t fail to deliver what I wanted in the cake and cupcakes. I got the cupcake cups from a souvenir shop in London, didn’t know then that I was gonna use them for my first child’s first event. The sweets complemented the savory food at Alps Cafe, a kinda secret nook in the heart of the city.

DSCN3401 copy 20140906_182615 copy DSCN3385 copy 20140906_175738 copy 20140906_175028 copy

The guests, an intimate group of only my closest friends, left messages and baby name suggestions, which kept me amused the morning after.

20140906_233113 copy 20140907_105149 copy

This capped off the evening of odd games, silly trivia, adorable baby gifts, and catching up.

20140906_192446 copy

I’m now a month caway from seeing my baby but I still couldn’t say thank you enough to everyone who contributed, planned, and showed up at the baby shower! It was simply one of the highlights of my pregnancy. ♥


7 thoughts on “DIY Baby Shower For It’s a… Boy Oh Boy!

  1. Nessa Grace says:

    What a beautiful shower! I love the theme as well. My Shih-Tzu Harper is probably pregnant (not showing yet) & is due Christmas week. I’m keeping a female out of the litter & already know I want to name her London lol. I can’t wait to see pictures of your baby…he’s going to be so handsome & adorable!

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