Baptism Celebration With A Dash of DIY

Perhaps one of the things I was rushing to do once our baby was properly settled at home was to have him baptized. Baptism months after birth has always been mandatory for both mine and my partner’s family. But aside from this fact, it was an important step to take if we wanted (and needed) to take our little champ to places. I’m not that religious nor am I superstitious, but there’s this belief that it’s bad luck to travel with an unbaptized child and as I always see it, there really is nothing to lose if you allowed yourself to give in to these kinds of conformity every now and then.

With less than a month’s notice, it must have been the quickest party planning I’ve ever done (aside from a spontaneous one last year) and having my baby literally in my arms 80% of the day didn’t help with the necessary preparations I wanted to do with the tiny decor details. The biggest challenge was that I couldn’t be at the reception venue to do or oversee the set-up since I needed to be at the church for the actual baptismal rites. Thankfully, I got help from my supportive sisters who flew in from Hanoi and Manila, and my dear cousins, one of whom was a professional interior designer whose creativity I trusted when it came to executing what I wanted. With a detailed “how-to and what-to” guide and a bag of knick-knacks I managed to prepare at 1 am before the big day, we were able to pull off the celebration just fine!

10991046_1033647033315411_697250878661470573_n copy copyThree huge images of the celebrant welcomed the guests! The banner was especially designed by the

proud dad to not appear like a typical made-to-order tarpaulin. That and the print on the giveways were his special assignment.

20150222_120625 copy copy

10338770_1033646339982147_7666807671931879169_n copyThe venue had this rustic feel so the handmade decors blended well with the concrete wall which appeared shabby. A thing to note though when hosting an outdoor party on an uber windy day, there’s a huge chance the balloons would one by one burst even before the party starts. The more than two dozens of these colorful delights never made it in time for our arrival.

20150222_120255 copy copy 20150222_120605 copy copy 20150222_120515 copy copy 20150222_120427 copy copyThe adorable cake and other sweet treats were created by, of course, Jane of Yoyi’s Patries and Desserts!

SAMSUNG CSCI chose the elephant theme ’cause our little boy’s first toy was a stuffed elephant rattle named Ellie. From his crib to the mall, it’s with him all the time! Also, I didn’t want the cliche blue motif so hues of yellow and green were added.

11020371_10152797801633174_798433110_n copy 11017553_1033646973315417_4973916631471745441_n copy 10995458_1033646933315421_1099230271516356394_n copyFramed photos and polaroids were displayed next to the the miniature feeding bottle and pacifier giveaways to make them more personal.

20150222_085650 copy copyThe boy of the hour showed up in this cute “grown man’s” attire and it was the most charming among all the eye candies!11039904_10152797984603174_807060974_n

I’ve got friends texting me about the party’s success hours and even days later, maybe because they knew how busy and stressed I was with the new dynamics in my daily routine and yet I still wanted so bad to have an event dedicated for my baby. Above is a sweet shout-out from one of my girls.


The ‘Thank You’ e-cards we sent out days after the celebration. Twas indeed a humbling and fulfilling event for a new mom. ♥

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