When He Cooks

This breakfast buddybirthday boyspecial ally I was talking about in previous posts, he’s got a secret passion. He loves cooking! This works really well for me since I love eating. Pigging out and trying out newly opened restaurants are a shared guilty pleasure. But whenever he has the time, he’d treat me to a more intimate, more personal dining experience. I always tell him about how much I admire Gordon Ramsay—for his cooking skill which I could only dream of actually experiencing and for his iron fist in running a kitchen—that I even got a copy of his published memoir. One day I caught Mr. Home Cook watching videos of Chef Ramsay. Such cute and thoughtful gesture led to an array of differently served eggs for the next few days! For my other favorite dishes of his, here are some snippets, though these amateur photos don’t give even the slightest justice to just how scrumptious they were.

20140828_092312 copy copy

I will never ever ever get tired of pancakes for breakfast! He surprised me with this one because apparently, “we haven’t had breakfast together in days.”

20140806_214912 copy copy

Often I’d just say random names of food and he’d whip them together no matter what time of the day. This one I had for dinner.

20140722_215536 copy copy

Like Sheldon Cooper, I want my spaghetti with tiny slices of hotdog.

20140722_212002 copy copy

Garlic bread, of course, should come with it.

Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it’s too assertive to the naked eye.— Gordon Ramsay

20141002_211750 copy copy

The Sautéed Chicken Breast Fillet that surprised me with his finesse in main dishes.

20141002_211514 copy copy

But a creamy mushroom soup should set the mood first.

20141016_211800 copy copy

Even these clubhouse sandwiches look like they’re into each other.

20141016_210533 copy copy

Homemade mojos because I could never get enough of anything potato!

20150131_200151 copy copy

A hasty shot of his Penne Pasta with Meat Sauce, I was in a hurry to devour it.

20141107_121244 copy copy

So simple yet one of my favorites: the chicken nuggets that he cooked for me so I can take it to work and relive my childhood days when my mom would prepare it for me to bring to school.

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