Lacey Mason Jars: DIY Wedding Giveaways

Eight months ago, I shared the raw look of the wedding giveaways my friend ordered for her December wedding. There were two different looks but in both, lace, twines, and mason jars played lovely roles in creating vintage, shabby inspired mementos that would celebrate the union of two persons in a long distance relationship.

IMG_20141130_144825 copy

Five thousand miles stood between us
But we never fall apart
For our love bridged the gap
As we are linked heart to heart


_MG_9298 _MG_9304 _MG_9310An unexpected bump on the road happened when a week before the wedding, I was at the hospital giving birth and was only 60% done with all the 50 handcraft pieces. Luckily, I got my mom, sisters, and brother-in-law to help out. We must have done a pretty good job since I got other brides-to-be asking me if  I’d be available to do their giveaways as well. Who knows? I might just actually consider turning this hobby into a business. ♥

* Materials for these items can be purchased at

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