For the Love of Cocktail, Vintage, Vow

At the age eight, I was already rummaging through my mom’s jewelry box, looking at the glittering charms and stones that she barely used. Her bracelets I would fancily wear on my ankle (because they were too big for my wrists) and her chandelier earrings I’d just haphazardly hang right above my ears.

I never knew then that decades later, such habit of being nosy would pay off because now, I’m a proud of owner of genuine vintage jewelry pieces. Genuine because we see a lot of vintage-inspired accessories these days—and nothing wrong with that. I myself is a sucker for anything vintage-ish, and yes, even before media labeled it trendy.

11737114_10153087156603174_1801180216_n copy

IMG_1646 copy


Above are some of the pieces my mom knowingly or unknowingly hath bestowed upon me. The floral green-against-gold pair of  stud earrings is a favorite. It’s so old she can’t even rememberowning it once (I did have the decency to ask her this time).
bb accs 2013-03-10 00.25.50 copy

bb accs 2012-09-16 copy

The rings, most, if not all, are actually gifts from friends and family. Fancy.

bb accs 1004409_10151496418228174_219704312_n copy

bb nails 2012-03-24 copy

Oh! Recently, however, I received what turned out to be a bling I wouldn’t want to leave home without… Obvs hint: Conceptualizing an intimate DIY wedding, day in and day out, lately. ♥


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