Whip-Anything-From-the-Pantry Kind of Dessert


IMG_1586 copy

Warning: This post’s title says is all.

A few days ago Mr. DM came home and told me that he bought something for me. “I saw it and thought it’d be something you’d fancy,” he said while unwrapping two Balls mason jars. I was of course pleased! Upon handing it to me, he added, “You might want to whip something healthy with that.”

Yep, he was expecting something healthy.

But since I never bothered to consider that (sorry), I whipped something from a couple of things I saw in our kitchen. Fibisco choco crunchies, ice cream, some fruits, and I made a little effort of making pancakes. And… ta-da!

PS: I actually liked how the ice cream melted on the pancake and how the the choco crunchies added, uhm, crunch, to it.

Regardless, it was made of love. ♥ 


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