Accurately Sentimental



I’m never the post-every-minute-everyday kind of social media user. No judgment to those who love to post, but to be honest, I often find myself consciously regulating my postings per week.

But Timehop, you’ve probably heard about this mobile app, has somehow made me realize that it’s quite endearing to post something that you want to look back to years later. Although I barely remember sharing a Timehop memory to the rest of my social media friends, I always enjoy seeing what I’ve been up to on the same day in the past 5 years. It’s like time travelling without super powers!

Today’s reminiscence included how, five years ago, I had my first solo horseback riding. It was a surprise trip c/o Mr. DM and the majestic land cruise happened against the stunning sunset. Moreover, today I was reminded that exactly a year ago, the pregnant me was doing my blue, red, and white nails in preparation for the British-themed baby shower me and my wonderful friends were throwing.

Time flies so fast, indeed. ♥ 


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