Sleep Tight, Little Syrian Boy


This cruel world saw how you lay on the shore

Face touching the sand, tiny hands wrinkled and cold

Dampened clothes, they must have been prepared with love

Now the sea breeze whispers, “Good night, sleep tight…”

You’ve reached your destination without a breath

But don’t worry darling, heaven really is where you’re meant

– Q

This is my humble ode to the Syrian boy washed ashore on a Turkish beach. We all saw it. I couldn’t look at the photo twice that I had to hide it each time it appeared on my news feed. It was just heartbreaking because it really reminds me of my own little boy. His tiny, fragile body and his serene face as if in deep slumber. Much more, it’s an image so poignant because it prods us to think about how another innocent life is taken away by war.

Image credit to the owner: Artists around the world had recreated the distressing photo, but I like this one best because it somehow gives us an assurance that the Syrian boy is in a much happier place now, one that he truly deserves.

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