Cebu Burger Kingdom

I didn’t realize how much burgers I’ve had in the last four years that I have been with DM until I  organized my computer photos and saw a bunchload of ’em!

Being food enthusiasts who enjoy exploring different cuisines together, we’re quite lucky to be in a city where restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms ever so dramatically in the past couple of years. While he loves taking me to new places with a goal of allowing my easy-to-please palate to experience more, he often complains about how I always end up ordering the same thing over and over again: Burger.

And so without any meticulous evaluation on how firm the bun was or how juicy and rich the patty was, here are some of the burgers I have remembered to amateurishly and hastily capture before devouring.  I’m not the food critic type (that’s DM’s role), I’m just always the hungry girl taken out for a burger, so pardon my vague recollection!

Army Navy

There was this big fuzz when Army Navy opened and true enough, it didn’t disappoint.

Army Navy

Big Daddy Truck

Better known with their catchy tagline, “Who’s your daddy?”, you’ll find yourself nodding and succumbing to this bad boy.

Whos your daddy

Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burger

Big Tom’s is easily one of my top three burgers. Either it was really good or I was just really hungry.

Big Toms


Buddies made noise when they opened in Cebu because of their burger-eating contest. DM actually tried it with his friends but they all failed.



This one was hands down a great alternative to the greasy, guilty burgers we usually have. The bun was dry but tasty, the patty was moist, and I actually enjoyed the fresh looking greens.


Casa Verde

Casa Verde is famous for its baby back ribs, but even those who are not big fans of burgers must be familiar of their Big Bang Burger. DM and I shared this with another couple. It was that big.


Dong Juan

Even before it became mainstream, Dong Juan have always had a special place in my heart. It’s where DM and I first had our date. So many other more followed. Although our forever favorite at DJ is their cheesy mozzarella sticks, this fat burger is, safe to say, a must-try as well.

Dong Juan

Don Merto’s

Another DM I love, Don Merto’s is one of Cebu’s best kept-secret… a secret we were delighted to uncover! Look at that melting cheese over that thick patty.

Don Mertos

Dessert Factory

For a quick burger fix, Dessert Factory can be your go-to place.

Dessert Factory

East West

It’s mostly the desserts that often draws me to East West, but this burger with mojos was worth trying.

East West

Fat Cow

My freshest burger memory: Had this Grilled Bacon Burger at Fat Cow yesterday. Despite my newly installed braces, I had a great time munching this one!


Flame It!

Flame It is my favorite snack to bring whenever I go to the movies. In the spirit of Christmas, they have this red and green IG-worthy burgers every year.



DM is so gonna hate me for not giving justice to this Frontgate burger with this ugly photo! They started out as a small resto located at a school’s front gate and even then we were already in love with it. BEST BURGER IN CEBU… according to my favorite food critique (because he’s my fiancé).



Perhaps one of the pricier burgers I’ve had and I don’t remember regretting it.


Mr. A Bar and Restaurant

Simple yet special. Snack-sized and serves as a good company while you’re relaxing in Cebu’s favorite hilltop location.

Mr. A

 Sprockets Cafe

 I’m not sure if the first one qualifies as a burger but the buns at Sprockets are good enough for your late night cravings.



Other burgers I remember enjoying (or just remember) include Burger Joint, Burger King in Manila (when it was not in Cebu yet), Wendy’s (Manila), and Duz Grill. My outside-of-Cebu favorite however is this!

Shake Shack (London)

Was just so glad to have had a taste of my comfort food in the middle of another city!


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