I Got Me A Queenly Crown!


More for vanity than for any other technical reasons, I have always wanted to have my own personal domain. And with the awesome help of my awesome sister over at Kaeratana, I finally acquired my official domain name a week ago! Woot woot!

I didn’t want to start from scratch nor lose my existing content. Plus, I don’t think I’m ready (or ever will be) to abandon WordPress’ user-friendly interface when it comes to managing a blog. So, we just had pinkpaperpens.wordpress.com rerouted to my new name, quaintquinn.com. Didn’t lose the alliteration right there but I’ve decided to be more specific with the page names and even gave my blog a new look.

For those who intend to do what I did, here are the simple steps:

  1. Bought a domain at godaddy.com. They have budget-friendly promos.
  2. Upgraded my WordPress plan to get a domain mapping for $13.00/year
  3. Logged in again at Go Daddy and set up the name servers for a WordPress domain
  4. Went back to my Wordpress account and configured my new domain (quaintquinn.com) as the primary domain

And with that, comes my social media accounts I’ve finally also decided to launch. See you there! ♥

fb   ig   twitter-icon

*  Check out VanillaPen, a cool poster-maker app I’ve been using these days!

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