Piecing Together Halloween Costumes In 30 Minutes

From tipsy fairy to Minnie Mouse to Wizard of Oz Dorothy to Arabian princess to zombie school girl to pregnant nun (no blasphemy intended, I swear I just happened to be pregnant then) to masked pregnant revelrer (see?), playing dress up for parties is something I have learned to enjoy over the years.

Halloween of course is no exception! Oh that wonderful time of the year when you could be whatever you want to be and be rewarded with candies for it!

At this year’s office trick or treat, I decided—at the last minute—to be a wind-up doll, because it’s easy yet creative!

IMG_4315   IMG_4310

You can see a lot of interesting inspirations for this DIY project in Pinterest. But due to time constraint, I decided to make my wind-up key really simple. Also because I’m never the type who would spend on costumes. I recycle as much as I can.

Instead of painting a card board with silver or bronze, I used this silver folder I felt so lucky to have found (it was the last one at the bookstore). And to put everything together, a double-sided tape was the only adhesive I needed.


IMG_4258  IMG_4259


A recycled red ribbon was used to wrap the key around my waist, it also served as an accent belt. I paired an old victorian top with a dress I already have. I had to fold and hand-sew the dress hemline to create a balloon-ish skirt and make it shorter to complement the blood-stained high socks I used from two Halloweens ago.

To “complete” the look was a haphazardly and amateurishly done make-up I did in less than five minutes because I was already running late. Okay, even if I had all the time in the world, I’m simply just terrible at putting on make-up.






And since it’s my baby’s first ever Halloween, naturally, I dragged him into my craziness and had him dress as Jon Snow the next day. With a white furry overalls, my mom’s wig, an LBD, and a sword created from my wind-up key earlier, we had an epic fail photoshoot. Turned out, not all babies enjoy being in a costume! We knew nothing.


This was the only decent picture we had of our little Night’s Watch. But still so adorbs! Overall, total expenses of this year’s Halloween = 15.00 PHP. Outcome = total fun. ♥

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