DIY Pirate Birthday Party for the Little Captain

Nothing expensive, nothing lavish, just a lovingly prepped up first birthday celebration for the little man that made a big change in my life.

I couldn’t emphasize it more and I’ve finally turned into one of those people who just couldn’t stop saying how time flies so fast! Indeed, it feels only yesterday when I first announced that we were expecting, got comfortable with the whole pregnancy thing, received so much love at my baby shower, did the obligatory belly-flaunting shoot amid a threatening storm, finally gave birth, and welcomed our new addition into the Christian world.

DM and I have successfully conquered 365 days of being pooped on, peed on, paranoia, and arguments on whose style is better. And to brace ourselves for the rest of our parenting journey, we made it a point to celebrate with dear friends and family.

If it were up to DM, an intimate gathering with good food would have been enough. But of course, being the DIY mom that I am, I got overly excited on the little details. We decided to have a pirate theme party on the basis that Baby D gets so attentive whenever we read him Jake and the Never Land Pirates during bedtime. So he must likes pirates, right?!


The event was held at home so it was quite challenging to eliminate from view the Christmas decors and the ornaments that were already there.

An old jewelry box as the treasure chest adorned with my mom’s pearls, an apothecary bottle used for vinegar served as the bottle in “message in a bottle,” a wooden log from an old furniture to support the cardboard name standee… almost everything you see was made out of recycled materials.

From tissue pompoms to folded lanterns, from  eye patch to bandannas, from photo props to labels, I tried to make everything look coordinated.


While the kids had loot bags in brown paper bags, the adult guests were given mementos: chocolates inside Gerber jars I collected for months.

My sister who came home from Hanoi assisted with the preparations. And oh! Props to the birthday celebrator’s dad for the invite layout!


The planning was easy but the entire DIY process was tedious as I had to squeeze it in my busy work and mommy schedule.


Yet, it was the best, most rewarding tedious task I had by far! ♥

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