Pretty Un-Pricey: Cheap Shabby Chic Finds Around Cebu

It’s no secret that I love anything chipped, faded, printed, and floral. So it’s always a delight to see one that is budget-friendly. I was looking around my room last night and realized that I’ve acquired some lovely pieces through random discoveries.

I’m a mall person, I wouldn’t deny that. And as more malls continue to open one after another here in Cebu, I recall some of my shabby chic finds—in malls but are not expensive at all.

White Tin Bucket for PHP 88.00 at Daiso, Starmall. I especially bought this for my son’s pirate themed birthday.

Mini tin cans for PHP 35.00 – 45.00 at White Gold Club. I bought more designs and had them as gifts last Christmas.

Decorative lantern at PHP 299.00 at Metro Ayala. I got this about three years ago and I notice now that there a lot more designs similar to this one.

Wooden compartment tray for around PHP 400.00 BUT it came with four milk bottles, which me and friends distributed among ourselves during our Christmas party last year. I got to keep the tray because I was pregnant then! Bought at Robinsons, Fuente.


Floral coasters for PHP 125.00 at Robinsons, Fuente. It’s a set of 4, I’m using 2 at work for water and coffee!

IMG_1977 copy

Tin watering can for PHP 388.00. I got this from my sister’s home so I honestly don’t know where she purchased this.


If you’re diligent enough, you can actually find stunning gift wrappers like these in lower shelves at bookstores!

What’s your favorite cheap shabby chic find? Tell us about it! ♥

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