DIY, Cost-free Save The Date Card

I’ve been randomly doing water color “painting” after DM got me a set last Christmas. It’s nothing ambitious, just a way for me to be occupied on things other than work and motherhood.

The past days I entertained myself with ‘Save the Date’ cards. Thought I’d enjoy it while waiting for the groom-to-be to do his only assignment of making our STD design. Well he saw my work and he had this “brilliant” idea of actually using it! I think he just hit two birds right there: flatter the fiancée and free himself of a task.

First attempt.


We never really intended to print them (I mean, the ones he was supposed to design), as I thought it would be an unnecessary expense. Sending out STDs are not always being practiced here in the Philippines, some couples just opt to have a photo shoot or video which they send out (or post on Facebook) to guests. As for DM and I, we neither want to be in any video nor do we want to make our big day preps to have to much going on.

Had to add this miniature Toyota AE86, one of his favorite things in the world, after realizing it’s not only about me.

I agreed with his suggestion and we sent this baby out last week to our closest friends and family members initially.  And I mean this actual image of what I came up with.

After the shoot, the watercolor project ended up on our bedside table, along with arcade game coins.

It’s cost-free, simple and even brought tears to some of my girlfriends’ eyes. There were of course other text and details that only our guests were to see, but you know what mean. ❤️

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