Straight from the Hearty Stationery

I once read this book authored by Nina Garcia, The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own, and there was one item on the list that had me nodding in agreement – apart from the LBD and the perfect white shirt. It wasn’t the motorcycle jacket nor the fishnets, it was the monogrammed stationery.

In this day and age, one could hardly receive a written note or letter, which can be kept in a memory box to fade and be appreciated twenty years later. But at least I’m assured that that’s something my man cannot say for himself. Thanks to my sister, I got my very own personalized card set as a Christmas present three years ago.

I just started my blog then and it really was a sweet surprise to see it printed on something! It made it feel official. Since then, I’ve been using it on DM’s birthdays and our anniversaries. It’s my subtle way of reminding him of how classy I could be and of my imaginary empire.

Fast forward to today, I have used up most of my cards and I have now changed my blog (name) when I acquired a personal domain. So, this post is actually a shout out to my sister, whom I’m hoping could read between the lines. ♥

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