Bride at Work: Behind the Wedding DIY Details

Whenever I complained about the stress of wedding planning to my married friends, they would always smile and tell me how I should just embrace the whole experience as it will be something I’ll definitely miss when it’s done.

Almost a month after the wedding, I’m still not longing for that overwhelming pressure of just getting things over with and at the same time making sure it would turn out perfectly. While that is still the case, I’m now certain that the thing I’ll probably miss the most is being hands-on with the wedding details.

Aside from the bridesmaid tokens I made, I also got to enjoy preparing other items for the big day. You’ll see that the key was to be thrifty and resourceful. Here, I sum them up!


Making sure that I abuse the groom’s design skills, our invitation was designed by him and printed with the help of my sister’s team over at Kaeratana, which also provided the lovely envelopes!




We had to re-print the RSVPs at the last minute, so I used a simple MS Word for it.


I couldn’t decide on a single design that I ended up ordering every possible design that fit our color motif!

BeFunky Collageiuu

A week before copies of the invitation was due to arrive from Manila, we had to meet an important wedding guest. So we used our home printer and I made an envelope from scratch just so we can aleady give him his invitation. His schedule was hectic, you see.


Made over almost a hundred of these and it took months of collecting bottles (wine, vinegar, beer, etc.) and baby food jars to come up with enough decors to fill more than ten tables. And mixed paint, twines, lace did the trick! Total cost would be around 300.00 PHP.


BeFunky Collage5

The most challenging part was mixing the paint. Our color motif was mainly dusty blue and peach, two colors you couldn’t quite get from a single paint can.



BeFunky Collager

Table Numbers and Place Cards

The easier deeds…

BeFunky Collagesdfdf

Bride and Groom Hangers

I see a lot of online stores selling these kind of hangers now and it’s unbelievable how overpriced they are. We got our hangers from Daiso (set of 3 for 88.00 PHP), I added a little ribbon (no more than 20.00 PHP for both) and kindly asked my sister to do the calligraphy… Viola! Simple and just the way I liked ’em. A mannequin to hold my gown was too dramatic for me.




Cheated on this because buying a ready-made garter was just cheap (around 90.00 PHP at Chester Enterprises), also because I’m not a good sewist. Or just plain lazy. But to add personal touch, there’s my favorite jade vintage pendant and a charm similar to that of the bridesmaid gifts.

BeFunky Collageff

Ring and Arrhae Holders

Didn’t want to have the old-fashioned pillows for the coins and rings. So I scavenged the house to find what I could possibly use. I discovered my older sister’s wedding giveaways (there were still tons at home), which were tiny wooden boxes a.k.a. PERFECT!


BeFunky Collage2

The boxes were from Vietnam since my sister and her husband are based there. Add some lace and some wooden-designed paper cover that’s been unused for years.

BeFunky Collage4

Oops! Had to hide some other couple’s names there… Of course, my sister knew about this!

BeFunky Collage3

Pouch for the coins: just washed an old pouch I used for some earrings and replaced the tie to fit our rusty shabby chic theme more.





Treasure Chest and Table Standee

We had a treasure chest at the reception for anyone who wanted to “bless our marriage with abundance.” Didn’t want to make it look bare, so I bought these table letter standees for 60.00 PHP each at Country Crafts. Just added a doily inspired-design from a special paper I already had.


BeFunky Collage


The box is one of those decorative boxes you can see at our home. Ask my mom why she got lots of those. I printed a signage and placed it in an old picture frame.

BeFunky Collageggf

Printed out stickers for the envelopes the guest would use.

Photo Props 

Cut-outs using papers found in my craft box, sticks from the kitchen, a vase from my room, and a printed signage in one of those frames again. Zero spending.


Sparkler Holder

Always wanted to dance our first dance as a couple surrounded by lights! So again, made use of recycled bottles and a “Let the sparks fly” label for the sparkler holder.


Tip Can 

This was our version of a guest book. I recycled an old biscuit can and used some cards from my Project Life kit. Another zero spending!


BeFunky Collagecdfg


Welcome Board and Couple Labels

These ones were prepared from my calligraphy expert sister (again). She actually did these at the hotel hours before the ceremony. She works amazingly under pressure, you know?



Cake Stand

It so  happened that my mother had this home improvements at home while I was busy with all the preparation, so I asked the carpenter to make me a simple cake stand out of the extra wood. He gladly did at no cost!



Cutest! We had to cut out these tiny hearts to come up with confetti for our grand couple entrance at the reception dinner! I could be vain like that.





Printed out menus for our us and our guests to remember always remember how amazing dinner was that night.



Guest Giveaways

We decided to send off guests with these pouches of tableas or cocoa tablets. Tablea is one of Argao’s popular delicacies. Both our fathers are from Argao and the best source of tablea in town is from my dad’s aunt, the Gilang’s tablea, which is now being exported around the world.
The pouches were handmade and printed by none other than Kaeratana and the design was borrowed from our invitation. So yes, it couldn’t get any more personalized than this!


Principal Sponsors Gifts

“So sweet of you to join us!” For church weddings, principal sponsors are essential roles filled in by people the couple consider to be their role models when it comes to building a strong married and family life. And so, a gesture of gratitude towards our sponsors was expressed through these bottles of honey!


I will have another post to show how these were used int the actual set-up. ♥

UPDATE: I know I promised to post how the actual set-up appeared, but my husband came up with a surprise to better showcase my DIY work! Find it here!

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