Cebu Food Trip: Breakfast at Camden

A fancy breakfast was definitely at the top of our list when we finally got a new nanny for our toddler just a few weeks ago. It had been a crazy period of keeping my sanity as I literally juggled work and motherhood in the past four months after the old nanny suddenly left us. I seldom use literally, so I really mean literally having one hand on the keyboard and the other feeding my child.

But that episode felt like a lifetime away when the husband treated me to a breakfast date before hitting the movies the other day. We are such huge fans of breakfast that we’re always on the lookout for new spots to check out. We’ve been hearing a lot about Camden Cafe and decided to see what the buzz was about.

And boy, were we not disappointed!


This quaint door makes a striking first impression.

Camden Cafe is the brainchild of longtime friends Jacqueline Ma and Hannah Lim in May 2016. They also run a branding firm, the Camden Three. I’ve had the pleasure of working with these ladies in the past so I was able to witness firsthand just how driven and creative these two are. Needless to day, it’s quite evident in the work they have done in this cozy breakfast and brunch nook.




You can tell that every corner in this place has been well thought of. Nothing excites me more than when industrial meets shabby chic; and b&w accented with rose gold is just simply eyegasmic!




Couldn’t resist but take a photo of this fruit crates placed casually by the kitchen.

More than just a pretty face however, Camden Cafe was able to meet DM’s expectation.  Always the food enthusiast, he was quite pleased with what we were having. The serving was big, the eggs done with finesse, and the drinks were delightful.


Cappuccino. This was nostalgic for DM as the cup reminded him of his grandma’s favorite cup. Talk about vintage.


Hers. What’s breakfast without bacon and egg?


His. The Saxon. The potatoes actually reminded me of the one I had in Cambridge.


Hers again. It was raining so it was a good excuse to have my second order, banana pancake.

I had a little chat with Hannah so I asked her about the origin of their brand name. I assumed it was inspired by the places she and Jacqueline had traveled to but it turned out, camden means winding valley. And with their branding firm, it’s a fitting name to convey how their clients can find their way in their branding challenges through their help. Clever!


The menu.

Ooh, fun fact: Camden transforms into a chill-out rendezvous in the evening with its Camden2f, but that deserves an entirely different story! ♥

Location: Unit 3 Apartments Rosal, Rosal St, Cebu City, Cebu

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