Not Your Ordinary Bride: One Ceremony, Two Celebrations

Something beautiful happened around this time a year ago. I can’t believe it has been a year as the memory of Tara, one of my dearest friends, tying the knot with the love of her life, Jude, still feels so vivid to me.

I say it was beautiful for two reasons. First, being that theirs was an against-all-odds kind of love story that ended happily. And second because Tara was a total DIY bride whose wedding turned out just as she wanted it to be.

The couple opted for an unconventional wedding. It was a civil ceremony with two separate celebrations.

Karaoke Party

The ceremony was followed by an intimate lunch at Music One, a karaoke bar in the city. It made so much sense since the bride’s family was an ensemble of good singers and musicians.



Naturally, Yoyi’s Pastries and Desserts provided the cake and other sweet treats at the gathering.



Tara’s mom, a DIY apostle herself, made the elegant, vintage-y bouquet, personalized ring boxes, and the guest book.

12356751_10207856607231507_2260227646816268071_o  12357249_10207856608271533_2649435895242196346_o


We got to take home the champagne glasses we used during the toast since they also served as the wedding giveaways for all the guests. Classy!

It was an honor not only to be one of the (reads: one of two, ehem) legal witnesses at the ceremony, but to also take part of the whole DIYing by offering car service that day.


Rustic Dinner

A few days after becoming Mr. and Mrs., the couple had another celebration at Bintana Coffee House and this time, Tara really had the chance to go all prolific with the set-up!





Charming, isn’t it?

And oh, there’s a third reason why it was beautiful: Because according to Jude, who was also my friend and work colleague, I unknowingly led him to his soulmate when I invited Tara to work with us seven years ago. I got my referral bonus and he, well, he met his future bride. ♥


You can say I’m the match-maker! And yes, the bride refused to wear white and instead asked the witnesses to don the traditional color.

Official photos by Anna Sarzata
Grabbed photos from the couple

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