Loving Lately: Monty and Jimmy Jones’ Imaginative Adventures in Kazoops

He’s a boy with a big imagination. Meet the pig who’s truly a sensation!

This first line of the opening song always delights me! Ever since my LO has gone past the “baby stage,” I have been on the lookout for toddler-friendly shows. We’re trying to limit his time being exposed to any sort of gadget, so whenever we grant him his TV time, we wanted to make sure it’s something worthwhile for him. By worthwhile, I mean packed with values and ignites his interests.


The Kazoops family just returned to Netflix for season 2 early this year!

And then we found Kazoops! This animated series from Netflix follows the adventures of Monty, a curious boy and his smart pig friend, Jimmy Jones. Our own inquisitive little boy instantly liked the show perhaps because of it’s vibrant colors. The artwork was simply unique, we noticed. When you look closely, the characters looked like they were shaped from clay and you could even see some fingerprints on them at times. Our attention was later caught by the notable songs that came with every episode. The beat and the artists’ voices remind me of indie pop, kinda JJ-Heller-meet-Jason-Mraz pieces.


It’s beautiful how this show emanates the importance of family and how values are, first of all, instilled at home, how children can be more creative than we deem them to be, and how fun exploring dreams can be when done with your best friend!


Whether it’s finding matching  socks, tidying up the galaxy mess, or having a famous Yeti friend, Kazoops takes children to different adventures in different worlds just by using their imagination. Fittingly, Monty always tells Jimmy Jones right before daydreaming to, “Just imagine!” ♥




great music

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