Mood Board: Living The Dream Living Room

I have always enjoyed visualizing my dream house. As a little girl I made my own doll house out of used boxes and old magazines. I’d cut out pictures of beds, sofas, and others and stick them on a cardboard so they would be sturdy enough for my dolls. Then one day my brother introduced me to The Sims and life became even more wonderful! It was quite a personal accomplishment to come up with furniture pieces and wallpapers that bring life not only to the rooms but to the people who dwell in it as well. Literally, because good home items boost your Sims’ moods. *wink

My dream living room has got to have a fantastic view, like this favorite nook of mine in my brother’s home in London.

For a long time I’ve had these themes and palettes in mind that speak of my personality and carefree lifestyle. But ever since I became a wife and mother, details of my dream home also  evolved. I often look around our house and think of the many ways it can be improved. And because dreaming is, as you know, free, I revel in making my dream home immaculate, most especially the living room! After all, the living room is where you can bond with the whole family on weeknights and entertain your guests on weekends.

A must-have for me is a huge but cozy couch where my husband and I could cuddle with our two-year-old son. Ideally low and cushioned on all sides for our little one to safely use, and big enough for a few guests.

The couch has to be white so it’ll always look clean and tidy. Photo from

Pop of colors! I’m crazy about throw pillows and these patterned ones will look perfect against the white sofa. The elephant is for my son who loves pointing at pictures of elephants. Photo from

My family will be watching some Disney or Marvel movie on a simple yet functional media stand that matches the color of the couch, like this one from Scandinavian Designs.

Must look great even without the entertainment itself.

A round coffee table will take center stage between the couch and media stand. I especially like this one from Arhaus because it’s low enough, elegant even without any glass because it’s brass, and round so it doesn’t have sharp edges. All these are important as I could just imagine our son playing around it.

Now while my two boys go about their own business, it’s crucial for the queen to have her throne. And what better way to oversee the kingdom but in a comfortable and elegant seat matched with a mismatch ottoman like these pieces from Arhaus!

Beside it will be this oh so pretty revival piece because I want to keep pretty things close to me!

Drooling over this shabby chic teal side table!

This little corner will be complemented with a floor lamp for quiet nights when I just want to be alone and catch up on my reading.

This Ikea lamp says organic and contemporary at the same time.

Finally, to complete the whole look should be a striking rag.

Photo from

Ultimately, when you run a household, you would want pieces that reflect each of the family member’s taste while making sure that these pieces stay in harmony. Nothing too masculine, nothing too feminine, but all exuding love—that would be my perfect living room! ♥



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