Carcar Food Destination: A Taste of Heritage at 1878 Restaurant

Turning old, private homes into restos has been a welcoming treat for food enthusiasts in Cebu. We’ve seen a lot of this in the city and a quick trip to the outskirts will tell us that this trend is spreading like wildfire altogether—much to our delight of course!

We occasionally head to DM’s hometown, Carcar, on weekends. Some few weekends ago, we stopped by the new “must-visit” spot in town, the 1878 Restaurant. We’ve been seeing it in our news feed so we thought of checking it out since we were already there and it was just walking distance from his aunt’s home.

My lovely mom, charmed by the quaint facade.

It’s not at all a surprise to see old houses in this town. In fact, DM’s family lineage has a couple of century-old houses still standing to this day, one of which has been declared a national heritage. Structures like this has always been part of Carcar’s charm.

1878 is an ancestral home of the Sato family and as you guessed it, the house was built in 1878. You’re welcomed into the secret garden-ish door and right away you’ll notice the stoned walls, heavy wooden furniture, and hanging plants and bulbs everywhere.

Notice the upcycled tires.

Loved these restored ventanas!

We went there on a Sunday, already around 2:00 PM and the place was still almost booked. I couldn’t help but wonder if the food was worth the trip for tourists. And thankful, it did not disappoint.

They serve mostly Filipino food. And while the famous Carcar lechon is not in the menu, they so kindly allowed us to have the lechon we bought outside without charging any corkage. Talk about excellent curstomer service!

The menu:

If you’re going to or driving from the beaches in southern Cebu, Carcar is a practical place to stop by to grab a bite and enjoy the town’s delicacies. And, it will not hurt to include 1878 Restaurant in your list! ❤

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