Loving Lately: Monty and Jimmy Jones’ Imaginative Adventures in Kazoops

He’s a boy with a big imagination. Meet the pig who’s truly a sensation!

This first line of the opening song always delights me! Ever since my LO has gone past the “baby stage,” I have been on the lookout for toddler-friendly shows. We’re trying to limit his time being exposed to any sort of gadget, so whenever we grant him his TV time, we wanted to make sure it’s something worthwhile for him. By worthwhile, I mean packed with values and ignites his interests.


The Kazoops family just returned to Netflix for season 2 early this year!

And then we found Kazoops! This animated series from Netflix follows the adventures of Monty, a curious boy and his smart pig friend, Jimmy Jones. Our own inquisitive little boy instantly liked the show perhaps because of it’s vibrant colors. The artwork was simply unique, we noticed. When you look closely, the characters looked like they were shaped from clay and you could even see some fingerprints on them at times. Our attention was later caught by Continue reading

The Ultimate Bride Gift: The Day He Decided to Tell the World About Us

Something amazing happened today!

My husband surprised me this morning with a Facebook post on my wall, sharing a link to something I have not expected: a blog post of our wedding story in the Australian wedding blog, Modern Wedding.

I cannot say I did not have any idea about it at all. I like to claim that I kinda did. I knew he had something up his sleeve when he asked me or literally had me answer questions about our wedding randomly for 2 days. It felt like a joke but I honestly thought he was planning to make a scrap book or something, so as to impress me with his crafting.


Instead, he got me this! The gesture was one thing, but reading his thoughts in print was another. It’s surreal, it’s sublime. It’s something only he can pull off!

So here it is, a glimpse at how my DIY preparation went and a look at the the day  I will forever treasure—the day I married the man who makes my dreams come true.



Also putting here our official SDE video by Glen Ducante!  ♥


Post Valentine’s Day Thoughts: The 3 Types of Girls On 214

I woke up this morning and did my usual routine of getting ready for work and taking care of our toddler on the side. It’s a normal day. For some girls, however, waking up this morning may have been all smiles and breaking into songs after reminiscing on the day that was.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and while I’m not wishing to be one of those girls singing happily today, because I did get my fair share of edible gifts yesterday, I have now finally come to terms with recognizing that there just are different ways a girl would treat this once-a-year non-public, but still, holiday.

Let’s put the spotlight first on the men who, between the pressure of social media and what’s now the norm, are urged to debate upon themselves on whether or not they should give something special to their woman on Valentine’s day. With all honesty,  I say, being a single guy on February 14th really is a lot easier.

Perhaps before deciding on how to approach the celebration that seem to put men in a trap, dissecting the kind of woman they are dating or pursuing is essential.

I have a lot  of girl friends and way enough female Facebook friends to help me narrow down what I think are the 3 types of girls on the big (or not) day of Cupid.

The Hopeless Romantic. We all know at least one girl who gets giddy on V-Day. This is the girl who may not only hope but would really expect something of a production number sort of gift on Valentine’s. Whether it’s the cliche combo of flowers, teddy, and chocolates, or a dinner at a fancy restaurant, this girl’s got her eyes on the prize. Not all romantics can admit to being one too. So if you’re  a guy who thinks your girl just couldn’t care less about Valentine’s, think again. Think incessantly and backtrack to your conversations. There must be a hint there somewhere about how much she appreciates a man, even a fictional character, to be all chivalrous and thoughtful. They believe in love and how it should be celebrated. And that’s nice because not a lot of people do that anymore.


The Annoyed. Becoming the Valentine’s version of a Christmas Grinch can be a process, but for some, it simply is the way it is. These are the women who not only say but who truly believe that Valentine’s is nothing but a scam put up by capitalists and everything is just the result of commercialism. This, I can’t help but Continue reading

I Do Duties: Everything You Need to Know When Planning a Church Wedding in Cebu

I would like to think that this has got to be my most useful and informative post to date!

Upon the start of my wedding planning, the one thing I wish I had more info on was how to go about with all the requirements. And I mean ALL. The church hunting was a fun task, but doing the paper work wasn’t.

I honestly debated on whether or not I will be having a church wedding, because a civil wedding would have been just as good. We put a lot of thought into it and eventually decided on a Catholic church wedding. We were wed at St. Therese Church. It was beautiful, peaceful, and strategically located. We had the preparation at Waterfront Hotel and the reception in Circa 1900, all three are in Lahug.

Here, I share a list I wish someone had given me six months ago. This is based on our experience so I may not be able to cover everything. But I truly hope this helps!


Photo by Bianca Villares


  1. Tentative date/dates. First of all, you need to decide on a target day. It’s easier to inquire for church availability when you already have dates in mind.

2. Budget. A no-brainer. Decide together how much you are willing to spend on the church. More than the merriment, the venue where you will have the sacred ceremony that will make everything binding is vital. Among the churches we’ve checked out were the following:

St. Therese Parish > 10000 (non-parishioner)
> 5000 (parishioner)
Redemptorist Church > 12000
Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod (SRP) > 40000
Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral > 15,000.00 (non-aircon)
> 50,000.00 (with air-con)
Archbishop’s Palace > 8,500 (with aircon)
Shrine of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus > 8,500 (weekdays)
> 10,000 (Saturday)
> 25,000 (Sunday)
> 25,000 (aircon add-on)
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish > 5,000.00

4. Size of the area. Do you want to walk down a long aisle? Or do you want to see all the guests at one glance? Consider how intimate or big you want your church to be.

3. Consider your parish church. If you like that pretty church near your area, then better opt to have your ceremony there. It would save you a lot of cash and effort, being a parishioner.

5. Distance from the reception. Some people believe it’s wiser to book the church first and then the reception venue. I say, choose first whichever your heart desires! No really. We actually booked our reception venue first because we got married at a wedding season and it felt harder to find the perfect venue than the church. So once you have Continue reading

5 Reasons Why I’m Keeping My Wedding Intimate


Engagement Shoot | Photo by Clarence Nartates

As our country celebrates the promise of a new presidency, I find myself anxious about something else entirely: our wedding guest list! Two months away and DM and I still cannot say that we’ve finalized the list—yes, even after sending out a few Save the Date‘s.  And that’s got to be blamed on this small wedding reverie of mine.

But what’s bothering me more is the fact that some people still cannot comprehend the concept of keeping a wedding intimate. In the past months of planning, I’ve come across a good number of acquaintances and wedding vendors who talk about the rising popularity of small weddings in Cebu. Seems like more and more young couples have decided to stray away from the tradition. Our wedding coordinator shared that she had at least three recent events that only had about fifty guests. And I cannot help but be completely jealous. How did these couples manage to orchestrate that?!

I have always wanted to have an intimate wedding and I have been very vocal about it. I learned a lot of things about weddings through Friends and it was also through Rachel Green that I first got an idea of how magical a private wedding could be! Remember her made-up story on how she and Ross got married on a cliff during sunset? Swooning!

Whenever I think about the possibility of tripping over while I walk down the aisle, I’m comforted by the thought that, should it happen, the witnesses are all close enough to me that we can just laugh it off together.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, I don’t know yet) for me, the intimate wedding I’m planning right now is not as intimate as Continue reading

Math: Remembering the Subject and the Mentor


Last night I had another weird dream. “Another” because it’s almost recurring. “Weird” because it featured someone who already passed away months ago.

It was about my high school Math teacher. She had a funny surname so let’s just call her by her lovely first name, Dolores.

It wasn’t the first time I dreamed of her since her passing. In my dreams I was aware that she was gone but we had conversations like we had in high school, like she was still alive.

Dreaming about dead people is somewhat normal for me. I’m not being creepy here but I honestly often dream about my late uncles and grandmother. Their faces would be vivid, looking calm and at peace; our conversations, often vague.

But to have dreams about Mrs. Dolores was especially puzzling since we were never really that close. I had other teachers whom I considered buddies, but her, she was a mentor, someone I respected and not crack a joke on.

Upon waking up from my dream last night, I got to think of a couple of things as to why she could possibly be in my subconscious mind.

For one, she succumbed to Continue reading

Of Bride Duties and Backstory Kitchen and Cafe

Almost a month in”hiatus” and no, I haven’t been hiding in a cave. I have been ridiculously occupied with the whole wedding planning.  I had the whole weekend planned out, meeting with suppliers, doing cake tasting, and bridal shop hopping. I saw it as a hectic weekend, DM saw a window for us to try a new place for lunch.

So amid my sudden on-the-verge-of-breaking-down-over-stress episodes, DM decided I needed a breather. And what better way to do it than over a good burger.. or two.

For burger lovers like me, Cebu never disappoints. This time, the destination was Backstory Kitchen and Cafe. We’ve heard about it for a while now, and if we still had all the time in the world like we used to, we would have explored this place sooner. Trying out newly opened restos and cafes in Cebu together used to be a favorite pastime for us.

Locating it was a bit of a trouble. Not that it was hard to find, but the area had several one-way roads that we should have familiarized first.


I was smitten right away when we arrived. A country themed signage against a Continue reading