DIY, Cost-free Save The Date Card

I’ve been randomly doing water color “painting” after DM got me a set last Christmas. It’s nothing ambitious, just a way for me to be occupied on things other than work and motherhood.

The past days I entertained myself with ‘Save the Date’ cards. Thought I’d enjoy it while waiting for the groom-to-be to do his only assignment of making our STD design. Well he saw my work and he had this “brilliant” idea of actually using it! I think he just hit two birds right there: flatter the fiancée and free himself of a task.

First attempt.


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Pretty Un-Pricey: Cheap Shabby Chic Finds Around Cebu

It’s no secret that I love anything chipped, faded, printed, and floral. So it’s always a delight to see one that is budget-friendly. I was looking around my room last night and realized that I’ve acquired some lovely pieces through random discoveries.

I’m a mall person, I wouldn’t deny that. And as more malls continue to open one after another here in Cebu, I recall some of my shabby chic finds—in malls but are not expensive at all.

White Tin Bucket for PHP 88.00 at Daiso, Starmall. I especially bought this for my son’s pirate themed birthday.

Mini tin cans for PHP 35.00 – 45.00 at White Gold Club. I bought more designs and had them as gifts last Christmas.

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DIY Pirate Birthday Party for the Little Captain

Nothing expensive, nothing lavish, just a lovingly prepped up first birthday celebration for the little man that made a big change in my life.

I couldn’t emphasize it more and I’ve finally turned into one of those people who just couldn’t stop saying how time flies so fast! Indeed, it feels only yesterday when I first announced that we were expecting, got comfortable with the whole pregnancy thing, received so much love at my baby shower, did the obligatory belly-flaunting shoot amid a threatening storm, finally gave birth, and welcomed our new addition into the Christian world.

DM and I have successfully conquered 365 days of being pooped on, peed on, paranoia, and arguments on whose style is better. And to brace ourselves for the rest of our parenting journey, we made it a point to celebrate with dear friends and family.

If it were up to DM, an intimate gathering with good food would have been enough. But of course, being the DIY mom that I am, I got overly excited on the little details. We decided to have a pirate theme party on the basis that Baby D gets so attentive whenever we read him Jake and the Never Land Pirates during bedtime. So he must likes pirates, right?!


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On The Wheels of Love: DIY Wedding Car Project

I’ve been kept busy these past weeks but I’ve been happy-busy! You know, that state of being crazy busy but you’re actually enjoying it? One of the reasons for such was the wedding of a dear friend!

Weddings, though stressful, will always be one of my favorite things. And to be involved (ehem, as legal witness sort of involved) in her big day was just amazing.

She decided on having a DIY wedding, all the way. And so being the DIY apostle that I am, I was itching for her to assign me to do something. So imagine my glee when she asked if they could use our car as their wedding/getaway car!

Our car is far from being fancy but I was honored to transform it into a romantic ride if only for a while. My very own fiancé willingly agreed. His only condition was not to leave any adhesive marks (I think he meant girly traces). Props to his sincere effort in making it look sparkly on the day!

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Piecing Together Halloween Costumes In 30 Minutes

From tipsy fairy to Minnie Mouse to Wizard of Oz Dorothy to Arabian princess to zombie school girl to pregnant nun (no blasphemy intended, I swear I just happened to be pregnant then) to masked pregnant revelrer (see?), playing dress up for parties is something I have learned to enjoy over the years.

Halloween of course is no exception! Oh that wonderful time of the year when you could be whatever you want to be and be rewarded with candies for it!

At this year’s office trick or treat, I decided—at the last minute—to be a wind-up doll, because it’s easy yet creative!

IMG_4315   IMG_4310

You can see a lot of interesting inspirations for this DIY project in Pinterest. But due to time constraint, I decided to make my wind-up key really simple. Also because I’m never the type who would spend on costumes. I recycle as much as I can.

Instead of painting a card board with silver or bronze, I used this silver folder I felt so lucky to have found (it was the last one at the bookstore). And to put everything together, a double-sided tape was the only adhesive I needed.


IMG_4258  IMG_4259


A recycled red ribbon was used to wrap the key around my waist, it also served as an accent belt. I paired an old victorian top with a dress I already have. I had to fold and hand-sew the dress hemline to create a balloon-ish skirt and make it shorter to Continue reading

Give the B Her C

Speaking of notebooks, I remember this special birthday gift I got from a friend five years ago. “I saw this and instantly thought of you,” he told me as he handed me the present. It was craftily wrapped in recycled magazine pages, a gift-wrapping technique that never fail to delight me.

Give the B*tch Her Chocolate. I don’t know if it was an apt present for me but I do remember how I always dragged this friend to go on chocolate dessert sprees with me after work. I was his daily dose of glucose. 

This notebook slash book, published by Ten Speed Press, is vulgar, fiery, intoxicating, witty, and humorous. What I like most about it is the vintage illustration of pin-up-girl-meets-Stepford-wife. Indulge!  ♥


IMG_1900 IMG_1902

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305 Days and Stuck

It’s funny how I enjoy planning and visualizing somebody else’s wedding but just couldn’t get myself to work on my own. 305 days away and I still got nothing but a barely used notebook I bought months ago to supposedly organize my thoughts and keep track of important supplier arrangements. So today I’m urging myself to start the ball rolling to hopefully come up with a helpful post for confused brides-to-be, like me! ♥

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