8 Kilometers Away, Baby


Cliché: Sunset shot from a window of a moving vehicle while crossing a bridge. We’ve probably all done it. But this one says so much more to me, being a working mother. 

This bridge is 8 km. away from home. And if I get a glimpse of the sunset in this specific spot in the city, it means that I’ll get to my baby early, just before it gets dark and just before he’ll realize his mom and dad have been away for hours.

Little things I learn to cherish these days. ♥

Sun and Rain

IMG_1915 copy

“Uwan-init, pista sa langit!” a local rhyme that we fondly chant whenever it rains while the sun is out. It’s simply translated as “Rain, sun, there’s got to be a feast in heaven!”

This week’s Scenic Sunday attempts to capture the rather recurring rain over the weekend at home. This one during sunset was naturally a captivating moment for me. ♥ 


Roses Ain’t Blue at Home


My mother loves having plants at home, yet ironically, me and my siblings tease her about how every plant, regardless of the size and the kind, that comes her way, well… dies. But lately and amazingly, her plants (ehem, including flowering plants) are now surviving, growing, and in bloom even! ♥


Chasing the Scarlet Sky

FullSizeRender copy

The sky is such a beautiful canvas and we get to see magnificent paintings by just looking up every once in a while!

It’s no secret, I adore watching the skies and envisioning something out of the clouds. And for this one, I just had to rush Mr. DM to step out of the house with me (who was carrying baby) so we can get a glimpse of the Sunday sunset. It was red, it was reflecting on the garden… I just had to see it. It was so swift too. By the time we finally got out, the scarlet scenery was almost fading away, but not before he got to capture it. Happy me indeed! ♥ 


Road to De-stressor

Drop everything, let ’em go
I need a breather, let’s hit the road
Take the wheel yet hold my hand
Turn up the music and I’ll sing with the band
Take me anywhere, I don’t care
Let’s make this our private road affair

                                                              – Q

    20150806_140329 copy

20150806_140310 copy


20150806_122820 copy

20150806_134242 copy

20150806_132533 copy

Barely having enough time to do anything together anymore, road trips are always a much-appreciated breather that Mr. DM and I both enjoy. He loves driving (or has no choice but to) and I love being a passenger on long drives! Thanks to Philippine August holidays, we were able to hit the road and head on to the west side of Cebu to brave the windy weather and literally stop to smell the flowers (and some carabao poop). ♥

Random Mush


We hardly have time for ourselves ever since our baby was born; finding time alone together has proven to be even more difficult. Thus I always cherish simple moments like this. Taken before I was being dropped off to work, it captures the few minutes in a day that we get to laugh again with each other and at each other all by ourselves. Being a new parent could drive you insane, really. So it’s important to be assured that amid the new roles and responsibilities you now carry, you still have each other’s back the way you used to when agreeing on what to do on a Friday night was your only definition of team work. Hence, a little mush every now and then truly wouldn’t hurt. ♥