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I’m Queenie Sue. My friends call me Queue and by default, some others call me Quinn. I like both, one is casual and the other is, well, pretty royal.

I have been secretly blogging for about four years, until now (September 2013).

One of the reasons why I kept it to myself was because I never really identified a niche. Travel, arts, food, photography, entertainment, and so much more. There are just so many things I’m interested in that I couldn’t determine which one I want to talk more of. Finally, I have narrowed down my options and decided on sharing pieces of my everyday journey through four different categories.


Among all four, this is the one that I have been doing the longest. At age ten, I started this teen-flick book series that only me and about three other people knew about. Right after college, I started contributing for a local newspaper which I still occasionally do until now. In 2010, I was able to publish an anthology but only because I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of doing it for free (and in full color!), it was one of the perks at where I used to work. It was so silly I still refuse to open my very own copy to this day. Nonetheless, I continue to write whenever I can, penning thoughts of just about anything.


No way am I gonna claim that I am a professional photographer. An enthusiast perhaps. I don’t go around with an elaborate DSLR hanging on my neck, I just go about my life, often stopping to appreciate the surroundings by trying to capture it. My dad is my biggest fan when it comes to my shutter inclination. He says I have an eye of a photojournalist because my shots tell a story. But of course I’m his daughter and he’s obliged to make me feel good about whatever I do.


A revived hobby, thanks to my sisters: one loves DIY as showcased in her blog, while the other one is fond of giving us projects on how to organize her life—err things! I’m the kind of person whom my friends run to for the simplest items like colored pens to the most what-made-you-think-I-have-that materials like a paper windmill (which I do have a couple of pieces, BTW). Anything that comes in pretty packages that can be turned into even prettier things excites me!


I’ve always loved desserts! I woke up one day realizing that since I like cakes so much, I should be learning how to do them myself. Two months worth of formal lessons later, I found myself still hanging out at dessert shops because it’s so much easier than actually going through the tedious process of baking… But every now and then, I put on my apron and bake the day away. But I also like other food aside from desserts, so…

Daily Promise to Self 

In my attempt to post something everyday, I’ve recently coined me some terms so as not to (hopefully) be lost in what to share next: #MemoryMonday #TastyTuesday #WhimsyWednesday #TravelThursday #FreeFlowingFriday #SexySaturday #ScenicSunday

Crossing fingers,


Let’s catch up! ♥

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Su says:

    Liked the “daily promise to self”, i think i should think of doing something like this to find an inspiration to write daily.. You’ve a good blog here.. Thank you for coming by my blog as well… ❤

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