Krafty + Kaeratana: Top 5 Christmas Favorites

‘Tis the season to be creative! And I say it earnestly.

From adorning your home with bright colors and beaming lights to being a little more innovate in wrapping presents, Christmas gives you enough excuses to bring out the Martha Stewart in you.

Personally, I’ve been enjoying the holiday euphoria and I’m one whose gift list is not yet accomplished—that includes what I want to get for myself.  Now if you’re like me who’s still thinking of getting someone something nifty or is not yet finished with ornamenting, here are some of my best finds from krafty + kaeratna’s Christmas store:

Heidi Swapp – minc reactive foil combo pack: light pink and mint370190-minc-light-pink-mint-reactive-foil-combo

Nutscene® Twine Heritage Range: the classic ‘greentwist’


Apple Blossom – Craft Collection 5×5 Clear Stamps: Happy Santaapple-blossom_00003

Hero Arts – 4×6 Clear Stamps: Coffee Cup Tagscl986-800x800

Gorjuss by Santoro London – Collectable rubber stamp: no. 34 nightlight gorjuss-collectable-rubber-stamp_00034-800x800

Or you can drop by here! ♥


Bronze Charms and Bridesmaid Tokens

Behind every sane bride is a team of stressed out bridesmaids.

That’s according to me.

In the past months, I have questioned myself on why I have to submit to the meticulous process of DIYing most of the details of my wedding – from centerpieces to giveaways to invitations to so many other things. And the only answer I could come up with is because I just want to. It means adding more than just personal touch to the celebration, it’s really making the event my very own.

Thankfully for other tasks that need attention, I got my ever reliable squad to back me up. Some of my BMs are not in the country (or in the city), but they’re just as helpful.

So as a simple token for their assistance (and for even accepting the role and taking care of acquiring their own dresses!), I made sure to include these simple gifts to the DIY list.


To be clear, these are not all bridesmaids. Include is the maid of honor and the other three are my female secondary sponsors, essential when having a Catholic church wedding


Found these in my craft room. Zero spending and they’ve the perfect color!

13330257_10153721924483174_453062085_n (1)

The boxes are handmade. You can find lots of box tutorials in Pinterest.



Got these pretty charms from




Sneak peek of the really simple tokens I hope my girls would love.

Special thanks to my Kaeratana team for all the DIY support. More posts on our DIY wedding projects soon! ♥

Destination: Cath Heaven

Posies, roses, British birds, spots and dots! Everything about Cath Kidston screams of dainty and pretty—two things that I couldn’t get enough of. And today I would like to official declare my Cath love affair.

It was of course part of my itinerary to drop by a Cath Kidston shop when I went to London last year. I even did a second round of print gazing at their Cambridge outlet.

Here’s the Cath Kidston shop at Covent Garden and that’s me surrounded with heavenly offering.

DSCN1800 copy copy
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Lacey Mason Jars: DIY Wedding Giveaways

Eight months ago, I shared the raw look of the wedding giveaways my friend ordered for her December wedding. There were two different looks but in both, lace, twines, and mason jars played lovely roles in creating vintage, shabby inspired mementos that would celebrate the union of two persons in a long distance relationship.

IMG_20141130_144825 copy

Five thousand miles stood between us
But we never fall apart
For our love bridged the gap
As we are linked heart to heart


_MG_9298 _MG_9304 _MG_9310An unexpected bump on the road happened when a week before the wedding, I was at the hospital giving birth and was only 60% done with all the 50 handcraft pieces. Luckily, I got my mom, sisters, and brother-in-law to help out. We must have done a pretty good job since I got other brides-to-be asking me if  I’d be available to do their giveaways as well. Who knows? I might just actually consider turning this hobby into a business. ♥

* Materials for these items can be purchased at

Stamp on You

I don’t think I was ever interested with rubber stamping when it was first introduced to me as a little girl. It was messy and nothing good ever came out of it with my uncreative hands. But my artsy sister from Kaeratana reintroduced such method to me last Christmas and my interest further ignited when I spent three weeks taking care of my adorable niece. Whenever she got restless, I would just take out her stamping box and we’d often just stamp the afternoon away. It was still messy, yes, but I was actually enjoying it. And even today, rubber stamping has become one the things that keep me busy when the internet is down. And that’s a huge deal.

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My Bestfriend’s Wedding… Giveaways!

Wedding bells have been gleefully ringing these past months when one of my oldest, dearest friends announced that she’s getting married. Instantly, me and the girls were simply thrilled, helping her plan and visualize how her big day would look like. She wanted to go for simple, intimate, and DIYish feel and I couldn’t be more excited since my sister and I are getting ready to launch our new project: an online craft supply shop. My friend asked me to do the giveaways and I finally got to prepare samples a few weeks ago when my sister came home to bring the supplies and help keep the creative juices flowing.

20140628_140612 copy


20140628_140323 copy

After several visual samples, the bride-to -be decided to have it in a candy jar.  The Krafty Team came up with these three designs for her to choose from

The color motif is teal and to give an idea of how a teal content would look like inside the jar, I painted these pebbles with platinum blue nail Continue reading