30 Things I Realized Learning Upon Turning 30

I’m used to being young.

I grew up being the youngest of five siblings and was always one of the babies during family gatherings. I started working right after graduation, making me one of the youngest members of any teams. Even today, I’m considered to be one of the few “millennials” at work.

I remember looking at female colleagues who were in their late twenties with so much admiration, thinking about how much they must have already known about life, how many times their hearts must have been broken, and how many times they emerged tougher. Heck, I even thought I’d be married by 25, because I thought I’d be mature enough when I reached a quarter of a century.

And then my very own mid-twenties arrived and I found myself still engaging in petty arguments, throwing tantrums when I’m hungry, and hiding chocolates behind my closet because I didn’t want to share them with my older brother.

Now, I’m turning the big three-oh in less than 12 hours and it’s hard to believe how the years easily went by. My lifestyle, my energy, priorities, and beliefs have changed a lot since I turned 18. It’s sad dwelling into the things that I should have done while I was younger, but it’s exciting to think about the bigger things that await me now that I am equipped with three decades worth of roller-coaster experience.

While I do not claim to be as wise as I should be at this point and while I still believe that youth is all in the mind, allow me to share my favorite life lessons learned in the past 29 years as I official make my mark into adulthood. From beauty regimen rues to being betrayed by a best friend, I include here things that I sorely—but not regrettably—learned the hard way.

  1. Sleep as much as you can while you still can. I told my husband that my only birthday wish this year is to be able to sleep the entire day.
  2. Do not ever start shaving your legs or arms or underarm or any body part. If you really must get rid of unwanted hair, go for waxing. It can be painful but worth it.
  3. Give your hair and your nails a breather. Go for the natural look whenever you can.
  4. Arrange your clothes by color, it will make dressing up in the morning a little faster.
  5. Do not buy what you do not need. You’re only wasting money, closet space, and adding to the earth’s rubbish.
  6. Never socialize by talking about your political views.
  7. “Joking” about asking for a gift or pasalubong is never funny.
  8. It’s never too late to develop a new skill. Two years later you’ll look back at the moment when you would have wanted to learn something and realize that the two years would have been enough to make you good at that something.
  9. The most crucial decision you may have to make as a teenager is  Continue reading

DIY Pirate Birthday Party for the Little Captain

Nothing expensive, nothing lavish, just a lovingly prepped up first birthday celebration for the little man that made a big change in my life.

I couldn’t emphasize it more and I’ve finally turned into one of those people who just couldn’t stop saying how time flies so fast! Indeed, it feels only yesterday when I first announced that we were expecting, got comfortable with the whole pregnancy thing, received so much love at my baby shower, did the obligatory belly-flaunting shoot amid a threatening storm, finally gave birth, and welcomed our new addition into the Christian world.

DM and I have successfully conquered 365 days of being pooped on, peed on, paranoia, and arguments on whose style is better. And to brace ourselves for the rest of our parenting journey, we made it a point to celebrate with dear friends and family.

If it were up to DM, an intimate gathering with good food would have been enough. But of course, being the DIY mom that I am, I got overly excited on the little details. We decided to have a pirate theme party on the basis that Baby D gets so attentive whenever we read him Jake and the Never Land Pirates during bedtime. So he must likes pirates, right?!


The event was held at home so it was quite challenging to eliminate Continue reading

Give the B Her C

Speaking of notebooks, I remember this special birthday gift I got from a friend five years ago. “I saw this and instantly thought of you,” he told me as he handed me the present. It was craftily wrapped in recycled magazine pages, a gift-wrapping technique that never fail to delight me.

Give the B*tch Her Chocolate. I don’t know if it was an apt present for me but I do remember how I always dragged this friend to go on chocolate dessert sprees with me after work. I was his daily dose of glucose. 

This notebook slash book, published by Ten Speed Press, is vulgar, fiery, intoxicating, witty, and humorous. What I like most about it is the vintage illustration of pin-up-girl-meets-Stepford-wife. Indulge!  ♥


IMG_1900 IMG_1902

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Overnight DIY Birthday Preps

A couple of weeks ago, I challenged the boyf to a silly game I knew I would win. While our laziness and lack of enthusiasm took a toll on what’s supposed to be a fun way of testing our familiarity with each other (we only lasted until the 11th trivia), I ultimately emerged victorious as planned (*evil laugh). The game was intended to culminate on his birthday but since it was doomed from the start, the victory came from me whipping a spontaneous surprise party.

Okay, it wasn’t that surprising. For a change, he wanted to celebrate his birthday this year at his hometown, Carcar, Cebu, a town that’s about an hour and  half drive from the city. So with his amazing aunt and mom pledging to take care of the food, there really wasn’t much for me to do. At least that’s what I thought for weeks! But 24 hours before he turned 29, I realized I could at least do the decors.

I’ve always enjoyed planning parties and getting into small details like invitations and random tags. But I could only do so much with very little time and a swamped day at work. So with mostly recycled materials and a little help from Pinterest, I managed to come up with some pieces that I never thought would become a big hit during the party.

The whole set-up! Quite simple, really. A bit of blunder there. I never thought no one in his family called him by this nickname that most of his friends and colleagues use. The whole set-up! Quite simple, really. A bit of blunder there. Continue reading