Recommended Read: The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

Like a lot of other girls, I grew up being fascinated with fairy tales. I remember perfecting the sob-and-gracefully-fall maneuver because that’s how all the Disney Princesses would act when they get upset.

On the other hand, I have always been a fan of morbid, ghastly stories. The seven-year-old me would hand my older sister a crime book and tell her to read me the stories as if they were simply about rainbows and unicorns and not serial killers and decapitation. 

Don’t worry, I grew up to be absolutely normal. 

So when I turned old enough to discover Brothers Grimm, I was thrilled! All the fairy tale characters I learned to love now with its true, twisted endings!

I’m not a good book reviewer so I’m not even going to attempt to do it. Just sharing here these two volumes of The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, which I have been enjoying and which you definitely would too if you want to know what ever-after really are. 

I got this volume on Christmas 2013, a gift of course from DM.

Two years later, he finally was able to get a hold of the second volume for another Christmas present for me!

You can get them at Fully Booked.

The covers are rubberized and the letters engraved. Such a Quaint Quinn kind of look!

What’s your favorite Brothers Grimm tale?♥