Cebu Food Trip: American Diner Feels at Luncheonette

It was one of those (many) moments when I’d crave for good bacon.

I begged my husband to take me anywhere just as long as I get to devour crisp, juicy strips of the sinful meat. Lucky for me, he never complains whenever I have this specific yet vague food requests. He actually enjoys the challenge.

We ended up at Luncheonette. We were on or way home from work so it was just accessible, being located at Robinsons Cybergate. We always had it in our list of places to try and my craving was a sound excuse to finally tick it off the list.

Luncheonette is part of the trusted Abaca Group, alongside Maya, Tavolata and others, so we knew right then that we were in good hands.

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Cebu Food Trip: Breakfast at Camden

A fancy breakfast was definitely at the top of our list when we finally got a new nanny for our toddler just a few weeks ago. It had been a crazy period of keeping my sanity as I literally juggled work and motherhood in the past four months after the old nanny suddenly left us. I seldom use literally, so I really mean literally having one hand on the keyboard and the other feeding my child.

But that episode felt like a lifetime away when the husband treated me to a breakfast date before hitting the movies the other day. We are such huge fans of breakfast that we’re always on the lookout for new spots to check out. We’ve been hearing a lot about Camden Cafe and decided to see what the buzz was about.

And boy, were we not disappointed!


This quaint door makes a striking first impression.

Camden Cafe is the brainchild of longtime friends Jacqueline Ma and Hannah Lim in May 2016. They also run a branding firm, the Camden Three. I’ve had the pleasure of working with these ladies in the past so I was able to witness firsthand just how driven and creative these two are. Needless to day, it’s quite evident in the work they have done in this cozy breakfast and brunch nook.




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When He Cooks

This breakfast buddybirthday boyspecial ally I was talking about in previous posts, he’s got a secret passion. He loves cooking! This works really well for me since I love eating. Pigging out and trying out newly opened restaurants are a shared guilty pleasure. But whenever he has the time, he’d treat me to a more intimate, more personal dining experience. I always tell him about how much I admire Gordon Ramsay—for his cooking skill which I could only dream of actually experiencing and for his iron fist in running a kitchen—that I even got a copy of his published memoir. One day I caught Mr. Home Cook watching videos of Chef Ramsay. Such cute and thoughtful gesture led to an array of differently served eggs for the next few days! For my other favorite dishes of his, here are some snippets, though these amateur photos don’t give even the slightest justice to just how scrumptious they were.

20140828_092312 copy copy

I will never ever ever get tired of pancakes for breakfast! He surprised me with this one because apparently, “we haven’t had breakfast together in days.”

20140806_214912 copy copy

Often I’d just say random names of food and he’d whip them together no matter what time of the day. This one I had for dinner.

20140722_215536 copy copy

Like Sheldon Cooper, I want my spaghetti with tiny slices of hotdog.

20140722_212002 copy copy

Garlic bread, of course, should come with it.

Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it’s too assertive to the naked eye.— Gordon Ramsay

20141002_211750 copy copy

The Sautéed Chicken Breast Fillet that surprised me with his finesse in main dishes.

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The Breakfast Club

I’m never a morning person. I don’t spring out of bed with a big smile on my face, ready to embrace the bright shiny day ahead. I snooze my alarm more times than I should and I spend the rest of the morning avoiding people until after lunch time.

This attitude is apparent in how I got accustomed to skip breakfast for the majority of my life. Even during holidays in a fancy hotel or beach resort, the free breakfast buffet is never enough reason for me to get up and catch the dramatic sunrise. Eat vs. sleep? People who know me well know it’s always the latter.

In rare occasions that I do get up and eat, I often find myself enjoying breakfast heartily. After all, waffles, pancakes, eggs, fruits, bacoooooon are the stuff my dreams are often made of. It’s therefore an added joy when I see places that serve breakfast all day long. It’s like having my favorites without sacrificing my sleep! To celebrate my new found happiness in this staple part of the day, here are some of the most memorable breakfast meals I ever had.

Disclaimer: I’m not a food photographer and I always forget my basic training in plating whenever I’m about to devour heaven, so don’t expect good photos here.

IMG_20130713_115507 copy

A local coffee shop, Brown Cup, serves one of the best all-day breakfast in town!

IMG_20130713_115441 copy

Another one from Brown Cup. I think I’ve tried all sets of their breakfast offering.

20140215_081338 copy

Experienced a real English breakfast at Doubletree by Hilton, Cambridge.

Heaven to be the first one up and to eat breakfast all alone.” ― Katharine Hepburn

DSC09287 copy

I had a very light breakfast at this camping resort down south (Terra Manna) as I was planning to slip into my bikini right after the meal! The food was good but the view was superb.

DSC07060 copy

The first breakfast I ever made for the boyf was not an actual breakfast but a take-out from Jollibee during his birthday two years ago.

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