Bronze Charms and Bridesmaid Tokens

Behind every sane bride is a team of stressed out bridesmaids.

That’s according to me.

In the past months, I have questioned myself on why I have to submit to the meticulous process of DIYing most of the details of my wedding – from centerpieces to giveaways to invitations to so many other things. And the only answer I could come up with is because I just want to. It means adding more than just personal touch to the celebration, it’s really making the event my very own.

Thankfully for other tasks that need attention, I got my ever reliable squad to back me up. Some of my BMs are not in the country (or in the city), but they’re just as helpful.

So as a simple token for their assistance (and for even accepting the role and taking care of acquiring their own dresses!), I made sure to include these simple gifts to the DIY list.


To be clear, these are not all bridesmaids. Include is the maid of honor and the other three are my female secondary sponsors, essential when having a Catholic church wedding


Found these in my craft room. Zero spending and they’ve the perfect color!

13330257_10153721924483174_453062085_n (1)

The boxes are handmade. You can find lots of box tutorials in Pinterest.



Got these pretty charms from




Sneak peek of the really simple tokens I hope my girls would love.

Special thanks to my Kaeratana team for all the DIY support. More posts on our DIY wedding projects soon! ♥

Stamp on You

I don’t think I was ever interested with rubber stamping when it was first introduced to me as a little girl. It was messy and nothing good ever came out of it with my uncreative hands. But my artsy sister from Kaeratana reintroduced such method to me last Christmas and my interest further ignited when I spent three weeks taking care of my adorable niece. Whenever she got restless, I would just take out her stamping box and we’d often just stamp the afternoon away. It was still messy, yes, but I was actually enjoying it. And even today, rubber stamping has become one the things that keep me busy when the internet is down. And that’s a huge deal.

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