Recommended Read: The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

Like a lot of other girls, I grew up being fascinated with fairy tales. I remember perfecting the sob-and-gracefully-fall maneuver because that’s how all the Disney Princesses would act when they get upset.

On the other hand, I have always been a fan of morbid, ghastly stories. The seven-year-old me would hand my older sister a crime book and tell her to read me the stories as if they were simply about rainbows and unicorns and not serial killers and decapitation. 

Don’t worry, I grew up to be absolutely normal. 

So when I turned old enough to discover Brothers Grimm, I was thrilled! All the fairy tale characters I learned to love now with its true, twisted endings!

I’m not a good book reviewer so I’m not even going to attempt to do it. Just sharing here these two volumes of The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, which I have been enjoying and which you definitely would too if you want to know what ever-after really are. 

I got this volume on Christmas 2013, a gift of course from DM.

Two years later, he finally was able to get a hold of the second volume for another Christmas present for me!

You can get them at Fully Booked.

The covers are rubberized and the letters engraved. Such a Quaint Quinn kind of look!

What’s your favorite Brothers Grimm tale?♥

Top Wedding Tips FRIENDS Has Taught Me

I’ve always thought of my life as episodes from Friends, coming up with “The One With/Where/When…” titles when something significant happens throughout my day. From watching my baby on a sonogram to confessing my annoyance over confusing my baby for being a girl, I have always enjoyed making references to the now classic sitcom. Instinctively, as I plan my upcoming wedding, I’m often led to look back at an episode or two.

We’ve all (I mean Friends fans) seen it over and over: Ross and Emily’s wedding, Ross and Rachel’s Vegas wedding, Carol and Susan’s wedding. Rachel’s ex-fiance and ex-best friend’s wedding, Chandler and Monica’s wedding, and Phoebe and Mike’s wedding. And in each wedding episode, there’s a lesson we can take away. Well sort of.

Here, I share just some of the many “lessons” I learned about weddings from Friends. I could think of a lot more but these are ones that are vital to remember if you’re a bride-to-be.

Agree on How Much You Want to Spend
One of the things that Monica had struggled with during her wedding preparations was how to get Chandler on board with her when it comes to the budget. Monica, of course as Monica, already had a big celebration laid out in her head (and scrapbook) ever since she was little. Chandler on the other hand, was hesitant on spending all his savings on a “party.” Likewise, Phoebe and Mike, had to go back and forth to a charity because they couldn’t seem to decide on whether or not they want a fancy wedding or just donate the money to less fortunate kids. It’s crucial to make up your mind and agree on how much you two, as a couple, are willing to splurge.


You Can’t Have Your Best Friend as the Planner
A day before her wedding, Phoebe decides to fire Monica as her planner because she couldn’t take Mon’s tyrannic way of organizing the event. Although she later realized that she needed the bossing around after all, things got a pretty uncomfortable between the two girl friends. Just like in any business plan, it’s not a good idea Continue reading

Destination: Cath Heaven

Posies, roses, British birds, spots and dots! Everything about Cath Kidston screams of dainty and pretty—two things that I couldn’t get enough of. And today I would like to official declare my Cath love affair.

It was of course part of my itinerary to drop by a Cath Kidston shop when I went to London last year. I even did a second round of print gazing at their Cambridge outlet.

Here’s the Cath Kidston shop at Covent Garden and that’s me surrounded with heavenly offering.

DSCN1800 copy copy
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Stamp on You

I don’t think I was ever interested with rubber stamping when it was first introduced to me as a little girl. It was messy and nothing good ever came out of it with my uncreative hands. But my artsy sister from Kaeratana reintroduced such method to me last Christmas and my interest further ignited when I spent three weeks taking care of my adorable niece. Whenever she got restless, I would just take out her stamping box and we’d often just stamp the afternoon away. It was still messy, yes, but I was actually enjoying it. And even today, rubber stamping has become one the things that keep me busy when the internet is down. And that’s a huge deal.

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Save The Books!

I grew up in a home where books were everywhere. And I really mean everywhere, literally. In the family room, in the hallway, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and even in the bathroom, one could always find at least a single shelf filled with literary treasures. I thought this was normal until very recently my sister talked about it and I realized that ours was not always the case in every home. I looked back and thought of all the other houses that I visited. Indeed, they didn’t have as many tomes as we did.

Both my parents, a journalist and a literature major (that’s what I remember), love reading. They were able to pass it on to us. My very first collection was “Winnie the Pooh’s Big Adventure.” It was a 4-book series and it came with a handwritten note from my mom that said, “Dear B2t, to enhance your reading skills. Enjoy! Love, Tatay and Nanay.” I lost the note and the books but never forgot those words because I was so excited that I finally had something I could call my own (the other Disney books we had were for all of us kids, not just me, B2t). By the way, I knew I was a slow learner because all my other sibling were already reading those thick, boring encyclopedias while I was still very much drawn to princess tales.

Anyway, unfortunately, over the years, as we moved from one house to another, the collection gradually curtailed. Each time, my parents would select the ones they wanted to keep. The others that were not handpicked were left behind. It was over two years ago that we finally moved to our very own home but it was only until two weekends ago that my mom and I finally got the chance to sort out the books that were still in boxes. To our dismay (but not much of a surprise), most of the books were badly damaged. Except for about fifteen pieces, which included some of my grandpa’s books from the ’70s, my mom decided to get rid of all the rest.

I didn’t want to just get rid of them. It’s bad enough that technology has murdered them today. So I told her that I could try selling some at extremely low prices and the ones that wouldn’t be sold, I could donate. She agreed and even gave me tips on which ones are most likely to be salable. I instantly announced my book sale and the response from my bookworm friends was pretty awesome. I was so happy I even gave them freebies. I told my parents about how I was able to sell a good number of books and gave out some more. They were excited and I remember my dad saying it’s always good to pass on knowledge… or something along those lines.

Upon preparing the sold items, I didn’t miss the opportunity to be a little crafty. Just a little, with old Time magazines (yeah, we had to gave them up too) and my washitapes and cute notepads, of course!  ♥

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Washi Tape Project 2: Polka Switch

My fetish for transforming everything into something pretty for my eyes continues to manifest in this super mini project. It was a rather dull afternoon of staring at the wall and thinking of doing something, anything.

I ended up decorating my light switch while finding another excuse to utilize my washi tape collection. This time, I paired an old roll with one of Cath Kidston’s 2014 washi tape patterns that I got in London (there aren’t any Cath Kidston outlets in Cebu).

- Grabbed image -

– Grabbed image –

10320413_10152126930693174_441409047955352888_n copy

The “project” took less than five minutes to finish and it took my sisters no less than a minute to point out how bored I must be as soon as I sent them a photo of the transformation. I was even told that, when things get worse on my weekends, there are still so many more switches to conquer at home. ♥

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