Island Romance: Braving the Storm for Gersam and Bianca’s Magical Malapascua Wedding

“It really was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever witnessed,” I thought to myself as I watched the peaceful water under the not-so starry evening sky while holding the first cocktail drink I’ve had in over two years. That moment felt so good.

A complete opposite of everything that happened just hours ago.

Credits to Air Balloon Project for all photos used in this post.

Almost 24 hours earlier: I remember still being up at 1:00AM. I had just put my adorable late sleeper of a baby to bed and my husband was out with his friends. He’s mostly a taong bahay so I really didn’t mind him coming home late. Although if I had to be completely honest, it was really because I was getting ready for an off-island overnight trip and that would mean he’d be with our little monster all alone for the first time ever, straight for 48 hours. Complexity level? Let’s just say our baby couldn’t sleep at night without me. In other words, poor daddy needed an advanced breather.

I was packing while putting on hair rollers. In two hours I would have to leave to catch the bus for Maya port,  where a pump boat will take me to the picturesque Malapascua. There, I’ll be witnessing the wedding my dear friend, Bianca and her college sweetheart, Gersam.

My plus one for the event was my ever spontaneous BFF Lovely. She willingly agreed to come with me since my husband needed to be with our son. Ironically, the last trip we had together was six years ago when she took me to her hometown Bohol, an equally captivating island, where we went on a tour amid a storm. This time, we were also braving an incredibly bad weather en route to the beach wedding.

Vague bus ride, broken boaties, delayed trips, irate passengers, and a lot of stomach-churning sea waves later, we arrived at Malapascua safe and sound. It was right before lunch time and only a few hours before the ceremony. My other friends were already waiting for us, they too had their share of “adventure” the night before when the wind was much more dreadful, which may or may not include hopping on a giant styrofoam to get on a boat. It was my second time to go to Malapascua, the first was really sunny so it was not as buwis-buhay” as we jokingly label.

It turned out to be a day of “I hope it stays sunny” to “I hope the rain would stop” to “Thank God it stopped!”

Bianca and Gersam however remained unfazed by the changing of weather. At least from our point of view, the two looked so divine and oh so in love!

In true island fashion, the newlywedsand the bridal party left the church and arrived at the reception venue via adorned pump boats.

Bianca was the type of bride who knew what she wanted, who had envisioned what her big day would look like, but was very open to suggestions here and there. The result was a stunning set-up at a cove with tall coconut trees hovering over charming Instagrammable pieces. It was a good balance of rustic and boho, while still highlighting the classy bride that Bianca was.

Tip: Separate tier cakes are easier to transport for destination weddings.

Despite the stormy sky the night before, enough stars shown bright for the evening’s celebration. It was a huge and fun gathering of family, relatives, and friends who traveled from different parts of the country and from across the globe to celebrate the couple who have found each other when they were only university students at UP Cebu.

Destination weddings are not easy to pull off but this couple made it look so easy, evident in the way they showcased their dance moves that night!

In the end, we could all agree that it was a worthwhile trip to a worthwhile sanctuary for a worthwhile couple.

Gersam X Bianca Wedding
Malapascua Island, Cebu
December 18, 2016
Photo: Air Balloon Project
Video: Franzarrogante Films (WATCH the couple’s SDE here!)
Styling : First of April
Coordination : Khendi Garcia-Ramirez | Wedding Errands Cebu
HMUA: Liz Cinco
Lights and sounds: iShow Cebu

And oh, here’s me doing my secondary sponsor duty!

Cheers to destination weddings! Cheers to windy celebrations! And cheers to all December couples!  ♥

Post Valentine’s Day Thoughts: The 3 Types of Girls On 214

I woke up this morning and did my usual routine of getting ready for work and taking care of our toddler on the side. It’s a normal day. For some girls, however, waking up this morning may have been all smiles and breaking into songs after reminiscing on the day that was.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and while I’m not wishing to be one of those girls singing happily today, because I did get my fair share of edible gifts yesterday, I have now finally come to terms with recognizing that there just are different ways a girl would treat this once-a-year non-public, but still, holiday.

Let’s put the spotlight first on the men who, between the pressure of social media and what’s now the norm, are urged to debate upon themselves on whether or not they should give something special to their woman on Valentine’s day. With all honesty,  I say, being a single guy on February 14th really is a lot easier.

Perhaps before deciding on how to approach the celebration that seem to put men in a trap, dissecting the kind of woman they are dating or pursuing is essential.

I have a lot  of girl friends and way enough female Facebook friends to help me narrow down what I think are the 3 types of girls on the big (or not) day of Cupid.

The Hopeless Romantic. We all know at least one girl who gets giddy on V-Day. This is the girl who may not only hope but would really expect something of a production number sort of gift on Valentine’s. Whether it’s the cliche combo of flowers, teddy, and chocolates, or a dinner at a fancy restaurant, this girl’s got her eyes on the prize. Not all romantics can admit to being one too. So if you’re  a guy who thinks your girl just couldn’t care less about Valentine’s, think again. Think incessantly and backtrack to your conversations. There must be a hint there somewhere about how much she appreciates a man, even a fictional character, to be all chivalrous and thoughtful. They believe in love and how it should be celebrated. And that’s nice because not a lot of people do that anymore.


The Annoyed. Becoming the Valentine’s version of a Christmas Grinch can be a process, but for some, it simply is the way it is. These are the women who not only say but who truly believe that Valentine’s is nothing but a scam put up by capitalists and everything is just the result of commercialism. This, I can’t help but Continue reading

DIY, Cost-free Save The Date Card

I’ve been randomly doing water color “painting” after DM got me a set last Christmas. It’s nothing ambitious, just a way for me to be occupied on things other than work and motherhood.

The past days I entertained myself with ‘Save the Date’ cards. Thought I’d enjoy it while waiting for the groom-to-be to do his only assignment of making our STD design. Well he saw my work and he had this “brilliant” idea of actually using it! I think he just hit two birds right there: flatter the fiancée and free himself of a task.

First attempt.


We never really intended to Continue reading

On The Wheels of Love: DIY Wedding Car Project

I’ve been kept busy these past weeks but I’ve been happy-busy! You know, that state of being crazy busy but you’re actually enjoying it? One of the reasons for such was the wedding of a dear friend!

Weddings, though stressful, will always be one of my favorite things. And to be involved (ehem, as legal witness sort of involved) in her big day was just amazing.

She decided on having a DIY wedding, all the way. And so being the DIY apostle that I am, I was itching for her to assign me to do something. So imagine my glee when she asked if they could use our car as their wedding/getaway car!

Our car is far from being fancy but I was honored to transform it into a romantic ride if only for a while. My very own fiancé willingly agreed. His only condition was not to leave any adhesive marks (I think he meant girly traces). Props to his sincere effort in making it look sparkly on the day!

Since I was in no way capable of picking flowers and keeping them alive, I opted to Continue reading

Red Roses and Romance—the 21st Century Way


Grabbed from Pinterest

Like an excited little girl who just got inside a candy shop, Bianca stares with delight at the breathtaking bouquet of red roses in front of her. Delicately resting on it is a small card that says, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby”. She opens the card and finds the words, written in gold, moving gracefully in slow motion until they finally read: Wish you were here. I miss you so. Love, James. A flood of mixed emotions suddenly rush through her veins and when it landed straight to her heart, she knows exactly why. She can’t help but be confused on whether or not she should be happy with the present, because deep inside she knows that that bouquet and card would have been one hell of a Valentine treat if she weren’t looking at the dozens of roses on her computer screen and she weren’t opening the card with a click of the mouse.

Bianca and James had been dating for more than two years when James decided to take his Software Programming career to Singapore. And it has been over a year since they began dealing with LD, or the dreaded long distance relationship. Their love affair has become solely dependent on the internet. Bianca’s breakfast means a hot pan de sal plus a quick post on James’ Facebook Wall. Dinner for James includes a bag of take-out and a Skype video call to enable him to check if his sweetheart has had her meal. If there is any consolation in their relationship, though, it’s the fact that Singapore and the Philippines share the same time zone, so one wouldn’t have to greet good morning to the other, who is about to sleep. While both parties could only wish they aren’t stuck in such complicated situation where the heart yearns for something that’s too far away, or where goodnight kisses are the result of a colon, a dash, and an asterisk combined, Bianca and James know Continue reading

Random Mush


We hardly have time for ourselves ever since our baby was born; finding time alone together has proven to be even more difficult. Thus I always cherish simple moments like this. Taken before I was being dropped off to work, it captures the few minutes in a day that we get to laugh again with each other and at each other all by ourselves. Being a new parent could drive you insane, really. So it’s important to be assured that amid the new roles and responsibilities you now carry, you still have each other’s back the way you used to when agreeing on what to do on a Friday night was your only definition of team work. Hence, a little mush every now and then truly wouldn’t hurt. ♥

Of Dirty Chucks and Ballerina Shoes

Grabbed from Pinterest.

Grabbed from Pinterest.

If it’s any consolation, she did look at me.

She was in a pink dress again. Why did she have to wear dresses when she could be in a plain white tee and faded jeans? As she flipped a strand of her jet black hair, I unconsciously wondered why she couldn’t just tie it into a ponytail. That way, she wouldn’t have to flip it over and over, as if flaunting its shine. Although meters away, I could tell that she was wearing a sweet perfume that would remind one of delicate daffodils. Why did she have to be in an inviting scent when she could have stuck to the conventional aroma of newly washed fabrics?

Why? Because it was nature’s way of satisfying my insatiable yearning to just stare at her.

For a split second, I thought and wanted to believe that I saw her look at me. But just as instantly, she rolled her eyes. Without a doubt I knew that she was dismissing the idea of her, a pretty-faced Dean’s Lister, talking to me, a nobody. I bowed my head and continued scribbling in my notebook – at least it wasn’t the desk this time – an inclination that served as my Continue reading