Wedding Inspiration: Greggy and Sunshine’s Boho Reggae Wedding

First of all, this is a total throwback.

By now, I must have made it clear how much I love weddings! And when friends ask me for tips on wedding planning, I always find myself having them watch a wedding video of a vibrant, do-it-yourself wedding that I know of.

It’s the wedding of my dear friend, Shine. I met her at work, where we were together in the same team, with another good friend who did my engagement shoot. It took me weeks before realizing that she was the Sunshine of a song I know from years back. The song, which was her namesake, was released by Bambu Spliff, where she played vocals alongside her husband, Gregory. If you’re a true blue Cebuano, you pretty much know this reggae band. Needless to say, music played an important role in Greggy and Shine’s love story.

Fast forward to 2012, the free-spirited sweethearts said their vows in a rustic, bohemian-reggae inspired wedding.

Upon learning of my engagement, Shine was quick to provide tips and share her own experience of the whole planning. She gave me the brilliant idea of having my own dress tailored at a lower price by buying my own fabric, as she did in her own wedding.

She was an avid DIY bride herself, doing her own make-up, making centerpieces through old wine bottles, and even creating her own floral arrangement! The bonbonnières were jars of jam with a whimsical tag, “Spread the Love. Thank you for JAMming with us!” See what they did there? One couldn’t really tell how much DIY or how budget-friendly the wedding was just by looking at it because it simply looked so fun and fascinating.

Official photos were taken by Erickson Herrera while the video was done by Tiano Evangelista, who’s bassist for Junior Kilat, also a prominent Cebu band. Both were good friends of the couple. It really was a celebration filled with loved ones, as Shine would recall.

And oh, the bride and groom sing an original composition in the video!

Now enjoy, get inspired as I did, and eat your heart out at how unforgettable the musical entertainment must have been on that magical night! ♥

Sun and Rain

IMG_1915 copy

“Uwan-init, pista sa langit!” a local rhyme that we fondly chant whenever it rains while the sun is out. It’s simply translated as “Rain, sun, there’s got to be a feast in heaven!”

This week’s Scenic Sunday attempts to capture the rather recurring rain over the weekend at home. This one during sunset was naturally a captivating moment for me. ♥ 


Accurately Sentimental



I’m never the post-every-minute-everyday kind of social media user. No judgment to those who love to post, but to be honest, I often find myself consciously regulating my postings per week.

But Timehop, you’ve probably heard about this mobile app, has somehow made me realize that it’s quite endearing to post something that you want to look back to years later. Although I barely remember sharing a Timehop memory to the rest of my social media friends, I always enjoy seeing what I’ve been up to on the same day in the past 5 years. It’s like time travelling without super powers!

Today’s reminiscence included how, five years ago, I had my first solo horseback riding. It was a surprise trip c/o Mr. DM and the majestic land cruise happened against the stunning sunset. Moreover, today I was reminded that exactly a year ago, the pregnant me was doing my blue, red, and white nails in preparation for the British-themed baby shower me and my wonderful friends were throwing.

Time flies so fast, indeed. ♥ 


Chasing the Scarlet Sky

FullSizeRender copy

The sky is such a beautiful canvas and we get to see magnificent paintings by just looking up every once in a while!

It’s no secret, I adore watching the skies and envisioning something out of the clouds. And for this one, I just had to rush Mr. DM to step out of the house with me (who was carrying baby) so we can get a glimpse of the Sunday sunset. It was red, it was reflecting on the garden… I just had to see it. It was so swift too. By the time we finally got out, the scarlet scenery was almost fading away, but not before he got to capture it. Happy me indeed! ♥