Food Tasting, The Circa 1900 Way

It’s been almost three weeks since I was wed to my dear soulmate! It’s been a good three weeks of dealing with the hangover, getting back to work, and reminiscing on that one special moment in our lives.

This was a wedding which I committed myself into documenting throughout the whole planning process. Turned out, putting your experience into writing was not at all easy when you’re busy executing the one thing you would have wanted to write about.

Now I’m just backtracking to my favorite parts of the days leading to the big day.

First on the list is the food tasting we had at Circa 1900, the venue we chose for our reception dinner after the wedding ceremony.


We always had a soft spot for Circa since we had our third anniversary dinner there. I remember thinking how magical it would be to have a wedding dinner in the middle of the well manicured green lawn and against the backdrop of the stunning old white house.

So when we learned that Circa actually offer wedding packages, we grabbed it right away! It was just the perfect setting for my rustic shabby chic dream wedding.

I got even more excited when I learned that our wedding date was just in time for the opening of their new building, the Casa Dos. I would be the first bride in that casa!

Our entire experience at Circa—from the inquiry stage to the booking to the planning to the day itself—was nothing short of perfect. The staff, headed by its  Sales and Events Executive, Adrian, was accommodating, the place was divine, and the food was sublime!


Upon booking, we were invited to have a food tasting based on our hand-picked menu. We honestly didn’t know what exactly to expect during the food tasting. We thought we’d be served with tiny portions of the actual serving that we even had a heavy meal before heading to the place.

To our surprise (and delight), the food tasting turned out to be a full seven-course meal! We got to experience every course at our own pace and even had a chance to meet the Australian chef himself. Chef Steve came to Continue reading

Bronze Charms and Bridesmaid Tokens

Behind every sane bride is a team of stressed out bridesmaids.

That’s according to me.

In the past months, I have questioned myself on why I have to submit to the meticulous process of DIYing most of the details of my wedding – from centerpieces to giveaways to invitations to so many other things. And the only answer I could come up with is because I just want to. It means adding more than just personal touch to the celebration, it’s really making the event my very own.

Thankfully for other tasks that need attention, I got my ever reliable squad to back me up. Some of my BMs are not in the country (or in the city), but they’re just as helpful.

So as a simple token for their assistance (and for even accepting the role and taking care of acquiring their own dresses!), I made sure to include these simple gifts to the DIY list.


To be clear, these are not all bridesmaids. Include is the maid of honor and the other three are my female secondary sponsors, essential when having a Catholic church wedding


Found these in my craft room. Zero spending and they’ve the perfect color!

13330257_10153721924483174_453062085_n (1)

The boxes are handmade. You can find lots of box tutorials in Pinterest.



Got these pretty charms from




Sneak peek of the really simple tokens I hope my girls would love.

Special thanks to my Kaeratana team for all the DIY support. More posts on our DIY wedding projects soon! ♥

5 Reasons Why I’m Keeping My Wedding Intimate


Engagement Shoot | Photo by Clarence Nartates

As our country celebrates the promise of a new presidency, I find myself anxious about something else entirely: our wedding guest list! Two months away and DM and I still cannot say that we’ve finalized the list—yes, even after sending out a few Save the Date‘s.  And that’s got to be blamed on this small wedding reverie of mine.

But what’s bothering me more is the fact that some people still cannot comprehend the concept of keeping a wedding intimate. In the past months of planning, I’ve come across a good number of acquaintances and wedding vendors who talk about the rising popularity of small weddings in Cebu. Seems like more and more young couples have decided to stray away from the tradition. Our wedding coordinator shared that she had at least three recent events that only had about fifty guests. And I cannot help but be completely jealous. How did these couples manage to orchestrate that?!

I have always wanted to have an intimate wedding and I have been very vocal about it. I learned a lot of things about weddings through Friends and it was also through Rachel Green that I first got an idea of how magical a private wedding could be! Remember her made-up story on how she and Ross got married on a cliff during sunset? Swooning!

Whenever I think about the possibility of tripping over while I walk down the aisle, I’m comforted by the thought that, should it happen, the witnesses are all close enough to me that we can just laugh it off together.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, I don’t know yet) for me, the intimate wedding I’m planning right now is not as intimate as Continue reading

DIY, Cost-free Save The Date Card

I’ve been randomly doing water color “painting” after DM got me a set last Christmas. It’s nothing ambitious, just a way for me to be occupied on things other than work and motherhood.

The past days I entertained myself with ‘Save the Date’ cards. Thought I’d enjoy it while waiting for the groom-to-be to do his only assignment of making our STD design. Well he saw my work and he had this “brilliant” idea of actually using it! I think he just hit two birds right there: flatter the fiancée and free himself of a task.

First attempt.


We never really intended to Continue reading

Top Wedding Tips FRIENDS Has Taught Me

I’ve always thought of my life as episodes from Friends, coming up with “The One With/Where/When…” titles when something significant happens throughout my day. From watching my baby on a sonogram to confessing my annoyance over confusing my baby for being a girl, I have always enjoyed making references to the now classic sitcom. Instinctively, as I plan my upcoming wedding, I’m often led to look back at an episode or two.

We’ve all (I mean Friends fans) seen it over and over: Ross and Emily’s wedding, Ross and Rachel’s Vegas wedding, Carol and Susan’s wedding. Rachel’s ex-fiance and ex-best friend’s wedding, Chandler and Monica’s wedding, and Phoebe and Mike’s wedding. And in each wedding episode, there’s a lesson we can take away. Well sort of.

Here, I share just some of the many “lessons” I learned about weddings from Friends. I could think of a lot more but these are ones that are vital to remember if you’re a bride-to-be.

Agree on How Much You Want to Spend
One of the things that Monica had struggled with during her wedding preparations was how to get Chandler on board with her when it comes to the budget. Monica, of course as Monica, already had a big celebration laid out in her head (and scrapbook) ever since she was little. Chandler on the other hand, was hesitant on spending all his savings on a “party.” Likewise, Phoebe and Mike, had to go back and forth to a charity because they couldn’t seem to decide on whether or not they want a fancy wedding or just donate the money to less fortunate kids. It’s crucial to make up your mind and agree on how much you two, as a couple, are willing to splurge.


You Can’t Have Your Best Friend as the Planner
A day before her wedding, Phoebe decides to fire Monica as her planner because she couldn’t take Mon’s tyrannic way of organizing the event. Although she later realized that she needed the bossing around after all, things got a pretty uncomfortable between the two girl friends. Just like in any business plan, it’s not a good idea Continue reading

On The Wheels of Love: DIY Wedding Car Project

I’ve been kept busy these past weeks but I’ve been happy-busy! You know, that state of being crazy busy but you’re actually enjoying it? One of the reasons for such was the wedding of a dear friend!

Weddings, though stressful, will always be one of my favorite things. And to be involved (ehem, as legal witness sort of involved) in her big day was just amazing.

She decided on having a DIY wedding, all the way. And so being the DIY apostle that I am, I was itching for her to assign me to do something. So imagine my glee when she asked if they could use our car as their wedding/getaway car!

Our car is far from being fancy but I was honored to transform it into a romantic ride if only for a while. My very own fiancé willingly agreed. His only condition was not to leave any adhesive marks (I think he meant girly traces). Props to his sincere effort in making it look sparkly on the day!

Since I was in no way capable of picking flowers and keeping them alive, I opted to Continue reading

Lacey Mason Jars: DIY Wedding Giveaways

Eight months ago, I shared the raw look of the wedding giveaways my friend ordered for her December wedding. There were two different looks but in both, lace, twines, and mason jars played lovely roles in creating vintage, shabby inspired mementos that would celebrate the union of two persons in a long distance relationship.

IMG_20141130_144825 copy

Five thousand miles stood between us
But we never fall apart
For our love bridged the gap
As we are linked heart to heart


_MG_9298 _MG_9304 _MG_9310An unexpected bump on the road happened when a week before the wedding, I was at the hospital giving birth and was only 60% done with all the 50 handcraft pieces. Luckily, I got my mom, sisters, and brother-in-law to help out. We must have done a pretty good job since I got other brides-to-be asking me if  I’d be available to do their giveaways as well. Who knows? I might just actually consider turning this hobby into a business. ♥

* Materials for these items can be purchased at