5 Reasons Why I’m Keeping My Wedding Intimate


Engagement Shoot | Photo by Clarence Nartates

As our country celebrates the promise of a new presidency, I find myself anxious about something else entirely: our wedding guest list! Two months away and DM and I still cannot say that we’ve finalized the list—yes, even after sending out a few Save the Date‘s.  And that’s got to be blamed on this small wedding reverie of mine.

But what’s bothering me more is the fact that some people still cannot comprehend the concept of keeping a wedding intimate. In the past months of planning, I’ve come across a good number of acquaintances and wedding vendors who talk about the rising popularity of small weddings in Cebu. Seems like more and more young couples have decided to stray away from the tradition. Our wedding coordinator shared that she had at least three recent events that only had about fifty guests. And I cannot help but be completely jealous. How did these couples manage to orchestrate that?!

I have always wanted to have an intimate wedding and I have been very vocal about it. I learned a lot of things about weddings through Friends and it was also through Rachel Green that I first got an idea of how magical a private wedding could be! Remember her made-up story on how she and Ross got married on a cliff during sunset? Swooning!

Whenever I think about the possibility of tripping over while I walk down the aisle, I’m comforted by the thought that, should it happen, the witnesses are all close enough to me that we can just laugh it off together.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, I don’t know yet) for me, the intimate wedding I’m planning right now is not as intimate as Continue reading

In Search of That Elusive Prince


Grabbed from Pinterest.

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. This would have been a very handy tip had the author been more specific in defining “a lot.” At least it would give girls an idea of how many more mistaken decisions they would have to endure before they can finally be with a tanned, gentle man whose biceps and triceps would gladly carry them into the sunset.

For Therese, however, it wouldn’t have mattered either way now. Single at thirty-four, Therese is convinced that she has seen it all—all types of men, that is. From immature twenty-something guys to we-should-get-married-now mid-thirty men, life has taught her that despite the many facades of the male specie, the truth of the matter is, they can all be frogs and princes at the same time.

Just right before she reached the big three-oh, Therese was in a serious relationship; serious enough to Continue reading